Segmentum Obscurus: The Calisota Sector

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  The Calisota sector; a floating bubble of civilization on the edge of the galaxy. Founded by Saint Praeparcus Filianatis, First of the Rogue Traders and their patron saint, it has endured since the Great Crusade.   But time makes fools of us all, and perdition stalks even the penitent man. The third Calisotan crusade, once seen as a hope to renew their sector, has ended after two centuries of brutal and costly combat. The only ones seeing something to gain are the opportunist, the gamblers, the Rogue Traders. This crusade has made a rimward warp-route accessible which leads to the Arcadian Expanse. A wild and savage place, where the light of the emperor is nearly invisible, and where men have not tread since before the age of strife. Both endless wonders and endless horrors can be found there, for those willing to ignore the laughter of thirsting gods...    

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