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The world of Segeavis is a unique one at that. Full of many different creatures of varying sizes, small Pixies, Gnomes and Half-lings to large Giants, Dragons and Ents. The land of Segeavis is large and expanding, the land stretches for thousands of kilometres. This land also offers many different biomes, Sandy deserts with amazingly hot temperatures to cold arctic lands and giant sized mountains.   However, in was not always like that. Only about 3000 years ago the Planet first came to contact with the arcane arts. This occurred due to an accident within the planets core a portal was formed, this portal released and essence to this world, the essence of arcane. After hundreds of years of research this essence was then powered by the beings of this land. This advanced the planet to the age of arcane.   However, within the portal not only the arcane essence was released but also a new essence of life. Creatures from not this world began to appear, inhabiting this worlds ecosystem. However this is a history that was long forgotten as the world of Segeavis grew older.   Nowadays is not uncommon to find elves and dwarfs walking the streets of various town and villages speaking common tongue and even breeding with one another, forming beings such as Half-Elves . However a Humans are still the most common race found in the land of Segeavis, making up to 80% of the whole population, following are Half-lings, Dwarfs, Elves and Orcs which are the rarest and rarely seen outside of their closely kept camps.   The land is also littered with beings with evil growing within them, Gnolls, Goblins, Lizardfolk and Giants although stupid are able to be reasoned with, however there are also lesser beings that will only follow evil. This includes monsters such as Hydras, Manticores, Minotaurs to Babaus, Mezzoloths and Shadows

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