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The Fields of Lithelion

The fields of Lithelion lie to the south, with it’s quiet, peaceful moors and meadows. It is renowned for its plentiful harvests which provide the backbone of the empire’s food supply. It’s luscious green fields with intermittent villages are filled with halfling and gnome farmers famous for their strong ale and loud voices. A Lithelion tavern is widely known throughout Othlon as being a place of joy and excitement.


Rolling hills and meadows with the occasional patches of woodland and winding streams, the fields of Lithelion are situated just south of the Stonetooth Mountains and encompass a large portion of the southwestern coastline of Secron.

Natural Resources

The fields bring in bountiful harvests of grain and other various crops every year. The local population is known for its strong ale and brandy. The vegetables, grains, and food products are collected through trade and feed the majority of the empire all on its own.
Location under
Owning Organization
The Empire of Othlon

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