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Wolf trouble

In Al-Bahir Bartholomew witnesses a kanya-hybrid Jer'Rion talking in front of council of the mages.
  • He tells them a new world has been discovered and they should ready their people for it.
  • That a person from the new world arrived on Torkos, and went beserk a couple of days later during the moon-praise.
  • He plans to go to Maia to warn The Keepers.

  • As Jer'rion finds out that you are the natives of the new world, he asks you to help Torkos deal with the problem.
  • Find Commander Pilato and help him.

  • On Torkos you search and find the Commander Pilato (otherwise known as "Ironfist". The investigation reveals:
  • The werewolf was already killed.
  • Someone is using his body through necromancy.
  • You also give the guards your stash of wolfsbane to distribute to those hurt by the beast.

    Talking to people of Al-Sammara:
  • You learn that Torkos, the largest known city, has troubles with some sort of disease from the new world.
  • It is Wolf Related.

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