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The White Fortress

The home of Desert Spears


  • human - mostly
  • raptor - mercenaries or magic users
  • drake - because where aren't they, honestly?
  • Resources

  • minerals
  • sandstone, marble, glass (building materials)
  • ore (gold)
  • horses
  • silk and dye
  • luxury goods from foreign lands
    You will obey or you will be hurt.
    — Evera


  • No hyena or gnoll within the city - kill on sight.
  • Palace may be entered only by Akanna's inner circle, her trainees and the few selected Spears.
  • Black veiled must be obeyed.
  • Brought knowledge must be presented to Akanna, for any price necessary.
  • The Silks female trumps any male.
  • Alcohol consumption is forbidden to the locals - punished severely.
  • Leave the city limits without a guard at your own peril.
  • History

    The White Fortress used to be a mining base, protected by a few mercenaries and desert people exiled from the southern Perneus. It was nearly lost to the desert multiple times due to wild creatures and the gnoll. It was so until the arrival of Akanna, who took control by bringing order and hierarchy to their operations. She did so by using her strong affinity to Necromancy, Divination and Illusion.


    She oversaw the building of The White Fortress that drew more magic users not limited by societal rules.


    Officially, White Fortress' government is an Oligarchy - ruled by strong magical users. In truth, people agree that it is a Monarchy - the word of Akanna is the rule and her inner circle will do everything in their power for it to remain so.


    Due to this, magic users stoped congregating and the knowledge and talent of the outside world of magic grew scarce. This prompted the now-well-known raids by The Desert Spears, searching out loot, knowledge, and young people capable of magic.



    The Tans, named by the muted clothing and colours of their house's walls, keep the city running: working in the mines, and some fields.


    The Spears, soldiers, are allowed to travel farther from the city, preventing the gnoll skirmishes and searching out their camps. Their houses can be decorated and people themselves can be recognized by wearing white or black (leaders of the groups) robes and veils.


    The Silks are recognized by very colourful clothes of high quality, are magic users regarded as royalty.

    The White Fortress, Amut, Kaia

    Hierarchy of casts

  • Akanna, the Witch
  • Akanna's inner circle
  • The Silks (coloured clothing, magically endowed)
  • The Spears (white/black clothing, military, horse breeders)
  • The Tans (tan clothing, commoners)
  • Locals

  • Akanna, the Witch
  • The Silks
  • Evera - a sorceress, part of Akanna's inner circle
  • Malila- Evera's student
  • Tami- Evera's student
  • Seth - a young drake in the Silks selling under-the-counter luxury goods, son of a witch that is part of Akanna's inner circle
  • The Spears
  • Castor - one of the leaders of the Desert Spears
  • Daisycutters - Ressah's family


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    Cover image: Desert city by NadegdaMihailova


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