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The Desert Spears - plot

When visiting a Grand Bazaar an army of barbarians seem to come to plunder the encampment:
  • after a while you see that they are not plundering but aggressively buying.
  • Aban Hamman with the help of Bartholomew sells a "magical bracelet" to the leader of the band. The bracelet is in truth illusion copy of an actual bracelet.
  • A day later, the leader notices that the bracelet has disappeared and turns back towards the Bazaar in vengeance. You escape before that.

  • Despite this, you are caught on the road to Al-Bahir:
  • A fight ensues with some innocent bystanders.
  • The band is protected by some sort of magic reflection spell attached to their bracelets. The bracelets seem to be connected to the gauntlet carried by the leader.
  • All three of the bystanders are captured and taken.
  • Amongst the fallen, you find a survivor Khusebek. He begs you to let him go, you give him a camel so he can return to Amut. He claims he owes you a blood favour.

    The Desert Spears
    Escaping from Amut, you have to avoid The Desert Spears that are trying to capture you and bring you back to the The White Fortress.
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    Cover image: Desert city by NadegdaMihailova


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