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Perneus (Per-NEUS)

A place protected by magic wielders

Population - the Steppes

  • human - main population
  • kanya - main population
  • drake - mingling with humans
  • raptor - mingling with humans
  • dwarf - rumors of them to the west
  • canines - visiting
  • felines aka lions - frowned upon (the main enslavers in the past)
  • Population - the Jungle

  • human - main population
  • raptor - main population
  • drake - mingling with humans
  • others

    Resources - the Steppes

  • food (hunting, foraging, orchards, farms)
  • clay, stone (building materials)
  • luxury goods (created in cities)
  • magic items
  • hidden tombs
  • Resources - the Jungle

  • food (foraging, hunting, fishing, farming)
  • wood, mud, clay (building materials)
  • tribal-crafted resources
  • hidden caves


  • Everyone is welcome to pass through (especially between the portal and the closest cities)
  • Magical items without a live owner belong to kanya
  • Landscape

    Perneus' landscape stretches from the desert, across the savanna, all the way to the tropical islands of the WEST and SOUTH. If there is one thing that Perneus has in abundance is sand and jungles.   NORTH-EAST of the portal, a vast cliffside separates the steppe from the desert, called Amut. There are a few points of possible crossing into the desert. The wind lifts the sand above the cliffs, rolling it back into the desert or sending it over the shrubland high above the ground.   The portal itself stands on the crossroads of the path leading into the desert, the path leading into the savanna and two sidepaths perpendicular to the cliffs going each way. This place is patrolled, but not strongly since it's on the border with Amut that has a free passage. The beings visiting Perneus usually being trade-oriented or locals.   The savanna can be brutal in the scorching sun, but in the evenings and nights, it comes alive. Most animals gather around waterholes and oases that are far from rare. Here one can find all kinds of animals as well as heavily-guarded traders travelling between the portal and Grand Bazaar .   It is in this land that mages found their place to stay. The superior kind being kanyathat live in their rich cities, and have built no less than two worlds-renown magical institutes solely for themselves. Other magic wielders are welcome to join the single Mage Academy in Al-Bahir .   Tropical parts are filled with sand beaches and bushes' covered with palms that morph into patches of tropical forests further EAST. The clear seas are full of coral reefs but are prone to hurricanes in the winter and during the full moons.   The jungle to the SOUTH floods for months on end. Still, raptors and more tribal-oriented humans have founded a number of smaller towns that thrive on the trade of wood and more exotic raw materials.  

    History and Culture

    The history of Perneus is mysterious and political. The kanya aren't unwelcoming but do consider themselves super-human. They keep the important points of their land in check and safe from any threat. Because of their condescending nature, quick retribution, and lack of natural resources, Perneus remains mostly unchallenged.   Outside of known tourist destinations, one can easily recognize kanya from those that are not. Not only by physical appearance but by the clothing: the kanya detest covering their faces despite the sand and other natural inconveniences, while other cultures of men have adapted headcovers and veils to protect themselves. With women, it is easy to see who is married and the head of the household (black veil), a second wife (grey veil), engaged or otherwise in a relationship (coloured veil), or still unclaimed (white veil). A girl presenting her face freely is considered open to woo. For men it is simpler, a veiled man is out on a hunt or going into battle - one does not bother him with trifles. The leader always is always draped in black.   Each of kanya institutions has its own admission rules, but both include blood and skill testing. The kanya are reluctant to share their knowledge or the happenings within their walls.   For everyone else, there is the Mage School that is considered less prestigious.   Living off hard land, the population learned to forage by forming effective hunting-gatherer teams that travel the land for days on end. Most waterholes and oases are considered to be magically charged and are therefore forbidden to be built around.   If stuck in the wilderness, one can always find protective circles - spots of safety surrounded by obelisks or pillars that hold a magical charge and some resources for survival.
    Perneus, Kaia


    the Steppes

  • the Sama-ina three
  • Al-Tahif
  • Al-Oran
  • Al-Sammara
  • Al-Punt
  • Al-Hisin
  • Al-Bahir - hosting the Mage Academy
  • the Jungle

  • Awa-Viela
  • Awa-Amahaka
  • Awa-Zoe
  • Awa-Camicuro
  • Awa-Munduruku
  • Awa-Palikur
  • Awa-Maura
  • Awa-Xiriana
  • Awa-Guarani
  • Awa-Saluma
  • Awa-Bororo
  • Awa-Deni
  • Places

  • Grand Bazaar
  • Included Locations
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