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New world discovered

In the city of Al-Bahir Bartholomew is present in the conference room as Jer'Rion relays some news to the council of Al-Bahir Academy:
  • a new world has been discovered (called Vaia according to ancient writings
  • strong individuals are already gathering groups to visit and explore
  • individuals have been found that travelled to other worlds

  • In Torkos , a person has been accepted as any newcomer. During the Festival of Diana (one of the full moon), the person turned into a werewolf and went into a bloodthirsty rage. It was killed soon after.
    In the city of Al-Sammara Ressah heard a conversation about a new world being discovered.
  • Laia and Raia already have people exploring the new world
  • A group of people are wanted for an entorouge for kanya explorers
  • the entourage will muster with kanya at Al-Hisin
  • Wendy admits she comes from this new world, called Vaia

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    Cover image: Dark land by JAN DITLEV


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