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Natkvayu (Nat-KVA-yu)

Land of the Sun


  • human - natives
  • drake - natives
  • other - visiting
  • Resources

  • herbs, food
  • mud, wood (building materials)
  • abandoned ruins and tombs
    The dual city of Natkva-Tiwa is of great importance as it connects the north islands with the great Natkva lake, which opens up water paths to the lands beyond
    — The Murky Trade, pg 60

    Landscape and Resources

    Natkvayu is a wideset land full of forests and ground that holds lots of water within.   To the EAST one can find marshes, called the Murk. The land known for plenty of herbs, wild creatures, and hidden secrets that have been sunken with time.   NORTH and WEST are covered with a rainforest that is home to many drakes and humans alike, gathering in small societies and living off the land, sharing their resources with the rest of Natkvayu.   A lake to the WEST and a sea to the NORTH are plentiful trade routes connected by a land in-between. This is where most of the population moves through.  

    History and Culture

    Naktvayu is known as the Land of the Sun.   It used to be home to a great drake and human civilization, strongly religious towards the Sun god. The land has fallen into disarray with time, as too-large and too-scattered civilizations often do. Upon it, a mix of cultures grew, many outsiders taking an opportunity of the land slowly condensing into few known cities.   Natkvayu was never conquered in a war but slowly integrated into - elves and other drakes from across the sea making way and building their own cultural centres in the twin cities of Naktva-Tiwa. The most prominent integration has been by human "Liberators" from the north as they have not used the cities only for trade, but have permanently settled there.
    Natkvayu, Vaia


  • Natkva-Tiwa
  • Natkva - the capital and cultural center
  • Tiwa - the northern twin to Natkva
  • Type

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