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Koyani house (ko-YANI)


Koyani house is one of the richer houses in Torkos. They've got most of their wealth from trading and owning a large part of the silver mines.  

Family members

Patriarch: Lord Philocrates

  • Age: 40-ish
  • Personality: shy but cool.
  • Appearance: Comly looking, olive-skinned. Long locks of dark brown hair, and a thick well maintained beard. Friendly eyes. Richly dressed in robes.
  • Wife: Lady Tisis

  • Age: 30-ish
  • Personality: loud and demanding.
  • Appearance: Dark-haired and green-eyes beauty.

    Son: Darius

  • Age: 6
  • Personality: quiet and hungry for learning
  • Appearance: Olive-skinned boy.

  • Household: Kalliope

  • Duty: Darius' babysitter and overall servant-girl. Lives with the family.
  • Age: 16
  • Personality: quiet and obedient, if a bit clumsy
  • Appearance: A pretty girl. Bright-haired and dark-eyed.
  • Race: human
  • Place of residence: Torkos
  • Wealth: rich
  • Type

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