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Karene of Dreams (KAR-en-né)

Karene is considered to be the guardian of humanity. He is awed by art and great structures humanity is capable of building. As a young god he sympathizes with humans who have only recently gained their independence (it is said he had a hand in making it possible).

Karene studied under Menen (mentor) and Sen'Tree (with whom he still remains closely associated). He has a healthy relationship with all second-generation gods. Multiple times he even relayed a message to and from mortals. His relationship with Ceceria (whom he refers to as Sister) is quite tense; while he is happy to talk about Wind.

He has shrines and temples all over as most were built by humans. He has inspired and inspired by any form of art.

God of memories, dreams, and illusions. Linked with gentle, slowly building emotions (like love or trust).
patron of: unknown
worship: widespread, mostly amongst humans, seen as an ally of mortals amongst gods
a white tiger, rare genome animals
also known as:
the Dreamweaver

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Character Portrait image: by GrumpyDM


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