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Home to Torkos, Sasa, Perneus and Amut.


  • human - main population, as it is known as a world where humans were bred for slavery
  • kanya - a superior human race settling Perneus
  • gnoll - the natives of Amut desert
  • drake - mingling with humans, known to be settled in the deserts
  • raptor - nesting in remote places
  • kobolds - found in sewers of Torkos
  • dwarf - rumors of them to the west of Perneus and south of Torkos
  • canines - visiting
  • felines aka lions - frowned upon (the main enslavers in the past)

    Land close to the portal

  • grassland
  • savannah
  • coast
  • desert
  • cities
  • jungle
  • Reachable resources (plenty of)

  • food
  • herbs (grassland)
  • sandstone (building materials)
  • silver
  • luxury goods
  • knowledge
  • magical items
    Order breeds peace breeds freedom.
    — Torkian proverb


    Kaia started as a slave colony, where humans were the goods set to populate. They were enslaved by many other species - the most prominent of them being lions that were the last to admit their independence and equality. The number of rebellions and secret development of magical powers (kanya race) gave Kaia its colourful history full of subterfuge and constantly evolving politics.

    Around heavily guarded, North Portal stands the greatest human city Torkos - a cultural centre of plenty. South Portal meanwhile is open to any newcomers as long as they do not anger the kanya of Perneus.



    Worshipping the gods (and even saints) is openly accepted on Kaia, although it being a human world, there were wars fought over it in the past. Many have claimed they hold godlike power themselves - some were even believed (most notably Chainbreaker of Torkos).  
    Nowadays people mostly agree to the set thirteen deitiesworshipped in other worlds as well. The most notable of them is Menen of kings, god of leaders, cities, and families, appearing in many shapes but shown publicly as a winged lion (as a warning to any other visiting species) and privately as two golden wings.
    Patron: Menen of Kings   Note: Kaia has two moons
  • Diana (closer)
  • Hecate (father)
  • Known lands

  • Torkos - the great circular metropolis, a historical human sanctuary.
  • Sasa - a rich-soiled land surrounding Torkos.
  • Perneus a hot land of mages and kanya.
  • Amut - a scantily populated desert.

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