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Hamman family


A friendly family that often makes trade in Torkos and Grand Bazaar.  

Family members

Father: Aban "Goldfingered"

  • Age: 50-ish
  • Personality: Loud and charismatic. Will sell you your own mother.
  • Appearance: Fat, wearing gold nail polish and adorned with lots of gold jewellery, carries a camel-shaped cane for his limp.
  • Mother: Aliyah

  • Age: 50-ish
  • Personality: Stern, quiet, but great with numbers.
  • Appearance: Round, hidden behind the black veil, with gold-adorned eyelashes.
  • Daughter: Imanra

  • Age: 17
  • Personality: Loves to laugh, mischevious.
  • Appearance: Fit, dressed in colorful robes and veil.
  • Son-in-law-to-be: Yorub Sandrose

  • Age: 19
  • Personality: Makes lots of jokes. Torkos' administrator. Bethroed to Imanra.
  • Appearance: Skinny, but tall with black dreads and facial hair.

    Daughter: Sikvah

  • Age: 16
  • Personality: Is quiet, but knowledgeable. Trains in a Mage Academy in Al-Bahir.
  • Appearance: Wears a white veil, slight and stern-looking.
  • Son: Abanson

  • Age:10
  • Personality: Loves stories, but not really energetic. Obedient.
  • Appearance: Small and black-haired.
  • Race: human
  • Place of residence: On an island between Torkos and Perneus.
  • Wealth: lowly merchant.
  • Type

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