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Grand Bazaar


  • human
  • drake
  • raptor
  • other - visiting from all worlds
  • Resources

  • everything worth selling
  • silk, leather, cloth, dye
  • food of all kinds
  • animals
  • building material
  • magical items
  • information, scrolls, books
    The first trader that sees me yells: "You buy! You BUY!" And I, myself, don't even stop as I laugh at him from atop my camel: "I don't buy! I BYE-BYE!" and ride off.
    — stories by the bard, Talkis Earhazard


    The Grand Bazaar welcomes all traders and buyers all of the time. It is built around an oasis in a circular manner to echo the layout of Torkos. The palisade surrounding it is not in prime condition, but honestly, neither is the inner part of the Bazaar.


    One can find anything at the Grand Bazaar, one just has to know which stall to visit. Good luck finding it on your own.


    It's overall protected by kanya interns. Each trader is suggested to bring their own security as there is no insurance against theft.

    known for

  • its round shape
  • a wooden half-standing palisade surrounding it
  • an oasis and freely accessible water in the middle
  • an underground river from which drinking water is distributed for a small fee
  • fighting pits
  • comfort tents
  • welcomes all traders
  • (intern) kanya guardians keeping rough peace
  • non-private privy spots
  • Type
    Trade post
    Location under
    Related Reports (Secondary)

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    Cover image: Bazaar Town by Junhong Long


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