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FR 5th session: Torkos - the metropolis

General Summary

You arrive in (sometimes referred as 'on') Torkos , the city on Kaia world. Upon your entrance, you make quite a stir due to the colour of the light through the portal. But that is not all, events seem to be unfolding in the city surrounding the portal that has nothing to do with you.   Apparently, someone stole the priceless documents from the archives, Ariss Perunov is suspected, clearly a name everyone knows well. They are shutting down all portal travel until further notice, letting through only those with urgent papers and identification.   When you see the commotion, you hint that you are just about to leave and are stopped. Bartholomew points at Uchu as if the raptor is your ticket out of here, explaining that the little guy can turn into a dragon if the guards don't do what they are told. This is regarded with a huff and a comment that he can try. The ballista upon surrounding towers can shoot down 'Redu-z itself'. Uchu heard enough and is completely cooperative as you are led to the Palace of Menen until you can receive your identification.   The Palace isn't half bad as it is where they put all the newcomers. The comforts are many, including a spa, rich kitchens and your own beds.   You met a talking wolf, and no one else seems bothered by this.    Uchu requests the presence of an artificer and his acquaintance, Master Xenophon, and as he arrives he puts down a commission for an amulet including his found Cold Stone. The artificer returns the next day with the artefact and Uchu says to put it on Ariss Perunov's tab, hinting that he knows the person. Xenophon also notes that the guard has been lacking at the archives since the Necklace of Thorns has been brought to Torkos. They are keeping it in the treasury with increased guards, which means other places were less defended. They are trying to keep the whole thing under wraps to not disturb The Keepers, one of which is Ariss' brother.   Talkis creates a new flute out of the branch he found in the courtyard.   Bartholomew takes over the bookshelf but is disappointed to find it filled with travel guides and not one spellbook. He is educated that only members of Mage University or Academy have access to such knowledge. He asks for a mage, and soon Mistress Disia visits him with some answers. She is intrigued by the red dragon shell you found on Vaia and asks for a sample to study. Lady indulges and points out she is just borrowing. Uchu notes that Maia has a more restrictive library called Baobaba.   After you give your info to the lady to make your identification, Vaia is now officially put down as 'Unveiled' - free to travel to.   In your abundant free time, Uchu leads you to the basement level, where you find the shrines to all thirteen gods. He explains he was a sacrifice for a fire element in the temple of the Quetzalcoatl of the Day. To save his life, the god turned him into a dragon. Bartholomew calls bullshit. Lady prays at the shrine and ingests the wolfsbane, killing any werewolf's curse that might still be flowing through her.   At that moment, Ariss arrives at the scene through a secret passageway from behind Sen'Tree the Teacher statue. He seems eager to get out of Torkos with his acquired goods. After giving Bartholomew a scroll to shut him up, he grabs Uchu and drags him along for his plan.

Character(s) interacted with


  • Cold Stone
  • Scroll of Thorns
  • Notes

  • Uchu received a collar with worked-in Cold Stone. 
  • The party is now in Torkos' ID database. 
  • Ariss Perunov's brother is in The Keepers. His last visit was a political disaster.
  • Report Date
    21 May 2020
    Primary Location
    Secondary Location

    Met characters

  • Master Xenophon
  • Uchu Firecough
  • Mistress Disia
  • Ariss Perunov
  • Referenced characters

  • Amaru, the Red Dragon
  • Ariss' brother

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