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FR 3rd session: Children of the Goddess

General Summary

Fire Rose follows TiaAnna through the night, witnessing a werewolf showdown and an angry Mob.   The river crossing almost kills Gabriel. In defence, he bites Lady and TiaAnna. TiaAnna offers belladonna leaves to Lady to consume. She claims that it works better when consumed at the Temple of the Day that can burn away any remaining curse in the system.   TiaAnna bravely moves on until the group reaches the ruins of a temple (Tezca of the Night), where she performs a ritual of Silver and Blood.   Exploring the temple, the group learns more about the Fire Rose and the happenings connected to it. It talks of slavery by the Black Fire and a Doorway that lead to hoard for the single jewel called Fire Jewel. They gain a clue and move east through the forest, leaving TiaAnna and Gabriel behind.   When night falls the group encounters two weasels going for their food. Sleepy Bartholomew deals with them.   Eventually, the group encounters an old artefact, a relic in the crater which could be a Doorway that the ruins suggested. They step through the Doorway into a fiery place.

Character(s) interacted with


  • TiaAnna performed some sort of ritual at the ruins that has to do with silver and blood.
  • Gabriel almost died.
  • Lady and TiaAnna were bitten by Gabriel.
  • Report Date
    14 Jan 2020
    Primary Location
    Secondary Location

    Met characters

  • TiaAnna Sakaoka
  • Gabriel
  • Greyback
  • Night Hunters

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    Cover image: Dark land by JAN DITLEV


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