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FR 1st session: The Murk

General Summary

Bound for her first great adventure Lady Swiveltail (with her mentor Earhazard Talkis) decide to follow a quest for the Fire Rose jewel.   The quest was put out for all adventurers of Natkva-Tiwa by the Lady Mayata - a widow of a great noble lord called Leaf Mayata. In his old journals, she discovered that he was part of the secret society guarding the Fire Rose. Anyone that brings her said treasure will be rewarded with 200 gp.   Just outside of the Natkva city, Lady and Talkis encounter a bunch of brutes trying to rob a young wizard by the name of Bartholomew. As soon as they rescue the poor lad, he joins them in search, claiming he has great knowledge of the land and old scripture.   The road through The Murk is slow and wet. But they traverse it until they encounter a cliff above the border river. There stands an ancient stone doorway with a keyhole.   In search of the key, they stumble upon a tomb. It is the tomb of one of the guardians of Fire Rose.   They solve a puzzle inside and gain a key they can use to cross the river from the Land of the Sun into the Land of the Moon.

Character(s) interacted with


  • stumps make great conversationalists
  • there are ruins of the old culture all around Natkvayu
  • a mark of an egg clutched in the thorns of a rose shows up quite often (most recent upon the Gateway of the Moon under which you crossed the chasm)
  • Report Date
    06 Jan 2020
    Primary Location
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