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AT 1st session: Ditching the studies

General Summary

Wendy has been dragged across half the desert to the White Fortress - a city led by the witch Akanna. She was supposed to be recruited into her might, but Wendy has never been good with authority. She resisted Evera (the recruiter) and escaped with the help of Fungi (a small druid raptor). This was possible thanks to Ressah (a drake monk) who only wanted some extra interesting stuff to sell on, but instead got two magicians hungry for escapism on her back. Not wanting to be stuck, the trio escaped the White Fortress on horseback and followed the path south where they came upon an old battlefield. During looting and hunting down dinner, they almost became dinner themselves.

Character(s) interacted with

  • The Desert Spears
  • Vulture
  • Hyena
  • Notes

  • The White Fortress is easy to get out of
  • Amut is larger when you have an only vague idea where you're going
  • wolvesbane gives good high, but is toxic
  • vultures might be delicious, but who knows when you get attacked by a pack of hyena while cooking it
  • Report Date
    15 May 2021
    Primary Location

    Met characters

  • Evera
  • Seth (The White Fortress)
  • Related characters

  • Akanna, the Witch

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    Cover image: Desert city by NadegdaMihailova


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