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The desert bowl


  • Gnoll - natives (?)
  • Akanna's following:
  • human
  • raptor
  • drake
  • Resources

  • minerals
  • sandstone, marble, glass (building materials)
  • ore (gold)
  • abandoned ruins and battlefields
    When you enter the Amut Desert, watch out for Desert Spears. They're as much your guardians against the gnoll as your kidnappers if you have any younglings with magical potential.
    — On Amut, pg 11

    Landscape and Resources

    Amut or just "the desert bowl" is what they call the desert north of Perneus (and the portal). A few paths lead into it, but once lost, it is pretty much impossible to find a safe way out.


    The SOUTH and SOUTH-EAST borders are made of huge cliffs that separate Amut's sand from the Perneus' savannah. Strong winds lift any sand that would spill over and roll it back into the desert, causing sandstorms. There is a cliffless stretch right north of the portal, but the dunes there are high and often patrolled by Amut's inhabitants. All along the rest of the border, narrow paths lead to and from the desert, deadly to all but those that know them well.


    The NORTH and WEST border is guarded by impassable mountain peaks, inhabited by deadly creatures.


    The central area of Amut's bowl is littered with cliffs and rocks, rich in resources, but also riddled with secret tunnels that can present safety for a traveller, or an opportunity for an ambush. Snuggled against the naked rock, and surrounded by the mines, is the famous White Fortress - home of of Amut.


    History and Culture

    Amut's history is not long. Before the witches, no civilized species, save the savage gnoll, could battle the elements hard and long enough to settle. Many have tried, though, and one can find ruins of their failures underneath the dunes.


    Akanna's grasp upon Amut reaches out from the White Fortress. Her magic is powerful and ruthless, propagated by her army that often invades other lands and worlds for easy resource run.


    Every person surviving on Amut's sands is vailed against the dust. One can easily recognize the soldiers as they are riding on strong horses (desert mounts), bred for speed and endurance, carrying the spears that give them their name (Desert Spears).


    Colour coded veils

  • white - a person of status
  • black - leaders
  • tan - commoner
  • washed out colours - male magic users
  • bright colours - female magic users
  • Amut, Kaia

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