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  • human - main population
  • kanya - main population
  • magic users
  • drake - a lot
  • raptor - visiting
  • other - usually just visiting
  • Resources

  • resources for travellers, tool kits, etc.
  • wheat, barley, other grains, dates, fresh-water fish
  • wood, clay, bricks (building materials)
  • magic trinkets, scrolls, books, mage weapons


    Being the largest of Sama-ina three - the three cities surrounding the Tower of Our Sky - and the closest to the portal, a large part Al-Sammara is the congregation of trade and newcomers.  

    History and Culture

    The city rose due to the need to transport goods to Sama-ina. First inhabited only by kanya, however, slowly added to by more populous regular folk. It slowly became what is now - a city of craftsmen and traders, earning their living by catering to superior kanya.   Kanya inhabit most of the northern part of Al-Sammara - Eastway - which can be clearly seen in the quality of the architecture and goods being sold for a heftier price. Kanya also have their own port, having priority and service fit of their higher status.   The rest of the city is clustered close together, but that does not mean it is any less enjoyable. If one has a light purse, they can always visit skilled and amiable craftsmen in the Main.
    Al-Sammara, Perneus, Kaia


  • Sadi Baco - owner of Baco's (general goods store).
  • Eldin and Sadiq - the merchant twins.
  • Zarma - a local girl working in Eastway.
  • The four researchers:
  • Annadema Illian - a young kanya.
  • Westla Quiaver - a sharp-looking kanya. Dressed to impress.
  • Goda Toshi - kanya of some strength.
  • Mak'karu Jiyar - kanya researcher.

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    Cover image: Street by Kou Takano


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