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Al-Bahir (AL-BAH-ir)

Where Mage Academy stands.


  • human - main population
  • magic users
  • kanya - native, but not common due to other magic users
  • drake - a lot
  • raptor - visiting
  • other - usually just visiting
  • Resources

  • salt, coral, other sea-produce
  • food from orchards (coconut, mangoes, oranges) and fish from the sea
  • limestone, glass, wood (building materials)
  • magic items (good and those badly made by the students of the Academy)


    Al-Bahir is a coastal city in the east Perneus known to be the home of the Mage Academy. It is built on sand and stone. Transportation can be done by the roadways and waterways.  
    Kanya avoid the city because of the large amount of non-kanya mages that don't recognize their superiority.
    — History of Al-Bahir, pg 2

    History and Culture

    Al-Bahir has grown from a small, occasional port, connecting north Perneus - the Steppes - to the sea. Because most of its goods end up being sold at the Grand Bazaar, kanya have no reason to venture further east, where most of the physical labour takes place. This has allowed mages to converge, creating Mage Academy without kanya interference.  

    The Mage Academy

    A three-story building that houses most of the mage-trainees and magic specialists. Focused on arcana, abjuration, conjuration, transmutation, and necromancy.

    It holds a library and a large round conference room.

    The admission to the mage academy is 200gp and proof of one spell.

    Each student receives a badge of the Academy.

    The student can remain housed within the academy, or wander the world and visit only for the exams that happen once per half-year. The summoning comes via message.

    Al-Bahir, Perneus, Kaia


  • Badarum - aged human councillor of conjuration at the Mage Academy. Wears a prosthetic arm.
  • Za'rah - a drake librarian at a Mage Academy.
  • Direnk - a human mage trainee, also a receptionist at the Mage Academy.
  • Sikvah Hamman - a human mage trainee at the Mage Academy.


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    Cover image: Persia 1912 by Najeeb-Alnajjar


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