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A song of Hope

But I hold the voice of the race just one
and I tell you truth told twice
— Hope the Talentone
Visiting Ahmann Jardir in Torkos, he tells Talkis a story of a bard named Hope:
  • There was a civil war on Maia between the lions.
  • Hope was amongst the rebels (Bloodclaws, the Wilds).
  • She was a bard but also forced to fight as every member.
  • her voice and songs were known to inspire both sides during the war.
  • it was whispered that races long gone whispered in the wind enhancing her songs.
  • On the morn of a battle that would either break the opposing army or exterminate rebels themselves, Hope climbed a tall rock to sing a battle song that would rouse the troops for a fight. Instead, she sang the song that "joined the prides".
  • "joining the prides" is a lion-phrase for when armies refuse to fight. This lowers the bloodlust and forces the leaders to the table for truce talks.
  • She inspired the so-called Second Concords - a tense relationship between the sides, but with a mutual non-aggression pact.

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