As the primary meeting place of the members of Eventide Billionaire Collective, this vessel has seen a lot. It has been the host of several secretive events such as Billionaires on a Boat convention.   It is suspected that Ned Bevy owns the yacht because he is the only one who has been seen taking it out on solo excursions. He is believed to have had the yacht custom-built for billions of dollars some time in 2008. Its first recorded sighting was in July of 2011 near the Bahamas.    
The Penumbra
  Not much else is known about the vehicle, but the W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P. agency has been keeping their eyes on the vessel, its owners, staff, and guests for several years and will not stop until they are able to properly investigate it.

Power Generation

The yacht is powered by gasoline and takes very much to get going. The engine powers the mobility, speed, and utilities upon the craft. However, when the engine is idle or turned off, the lights and other electronic functions of the ship are powered by one of seven backup generators located in the engine room of the ship. These generators are recharged as the ship moves and activate as soon as the engine is powered down.

Weapons & Armament

Though the boat itself is not equipped with cannons or missiles of any sort (that people know of), Ned Bevy is suspected to store many weapons upon the craft including guns, knives, and bombs.

Armor and defense

The outside of the yacht is lined with titanium steel. It is also equipped with several radars and scramblers to minimize the risk of its passengers being followed or eavesdropped upon. The inside of the yacht is also heavily secured with many secret areas that are not accessible to the average person, along with booby traps, and even prison chambers. Although only members of the Eventide Billionaire Collective are allowed aboard, not even they completely trust each other.

Communication Tools & Systems

The yacht is believed to be home to much high-tech equipment that can invade other ships' and even aircrafts' communication systems.


The Penumbra is the setting for an exciting escape room adventure! Check it out and run it for your friends. Or, if you want me to run it for you, be sure not to read beyond the spoiler barriers!!!

Lifestyles of the Fish and Famous- A Virtual Escape Room RPG Experience
Plot | Sep 1, 2022

Can you figure out a way to escape and save the world from litter by taking back your business from the clutches of an evil billionaire?

Commander McCox Gives Newbies the Rundown:   *Whistles*   That is SOME BOAT, I tell you. We haven't been able to shed much light on The Penumbra, but from the information we gathered with drones and other advanced spy tactics, it's not the ultimate paridise boat the average person would think it is.   Many crimes have been speculated to have happened upon the vessel, and its walls are thought to hold many secrets. They are probably storing all sorts of illegal goods and stolen items in hidden compartments all over the thing. And we know that these shady Billionaires use the vessel to get far away from prying ears to discuss their nefarious plans and commit sinister acts.   Listen, it might sound tempting, but, if a billionaire ever invites you to come aboard his multi-billion-dollar yacht, DON'T DO IT. You might end up in a death trap or something. TRUST ME. It is NOT worth it, pal.
Owning Organization
3.7 Billion USD
Only One Exists
200 feet
7o feet
50 knots

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This is very interesting, I particularly like the dialogue from Commander McCox. I'm also a fan of the "no canons or missiles (that we know of)" bit. There are absolutely secret, illegal missiles on there, I am convinced. Really well done.

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