Narcotoxic Flowers

A recently discovered, or rediscovered, species.
  W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P. scientists are always experimenting on different plants and animals. Some of the most popular conctions they create and amplify involve some sort of sedative. Narcotoxic flowers are a recent experiment to help the scientists conveniently farm and collect sedatives. The ingredients harvested from the flowers are used in various medications and tranquilizers used on prisoners and intruders of Dionaea Muscipula. Some are also exported to other WILLOWISP bases all over the world, but not much research has been done on this newer development, so the ingredients are not widely used outside of clinical trials where the ultimate results can be monitored by scientists.   The flowers were created to quickly sprout the necessary chemicals needed in such as GMG Scorpions and other inventions and modified lifeforms that inhabit the island. Being a shortcut to the traditional mixing and composing of chemicals, the side effects may vary and the potency is not guaranteed. Scientists are working hard at making new developents to the budding species.

Basic Information


The flowers are small and purple, somewhat resembling poppies. They are typically grown in a lab setting under artificial sunlight. They grow quite fast but only produce mere drops of narcotoxins per plant. Fifty are needed to even compile enough for a single dose to keep a person asleep for one hour.

Genetics and Reproduction

The flowers are small, but their seeds spread and they grow quite rapidly.

Growth Rate & Stages

The flowers tend to grow to full maturity within seven days.

Ecology and Habitats

Scientists have not planted any of these flowers out in the wild. They have only kept them within their labs and experimental greenhouses which are heavily monitored and guarded.

Work in Progress!

Geographic Distribution


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4 Aug, 2022 00:11

Interesting species! It seems like this species was made in a lab under controlled conditions, but have there been any unintentional interactions? Like they attract a certain type of insect/fungus/bird or the potent fragrance keeps knocking out the greenhouse intern who hasn't figured out proper PPE (like horseradish)?

Eternal Sage Wordigirl
LexiCon (WordiGirl)
4 Aug, 2022 00:52

those would be very interesting occurrences! I'm sure there had to be a few mishaps in the development process of this species XD Newbies getting affected by the sedatives themselves... I'm sure that's had to have happened once or twice...   thanks so much for reading and I'm glad you enjoyed the article! <3

Have an exuberantly blessed day!!!
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