Jenny Ford

Jennifer Ford

An explorer, researcher or other character motivated by discovery.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Jenny was a normal student in school. She was not popular enough to be considered one of the 'cool' kids, but she wasn't 'dorky' enough to be considered one of the nerds. She was an average student who got good grades and liked to do all the regular things that kids her age enjoyed.   As she began to excel, she was noticed by Naj. The principal called her to the side and asked her if she would like to join an after school extra-curricular activity group called SPO (which he claimed stood for Super Productive Overtime, but in actuallity stood for Secretive People's Organization). When Jenny agreed, she was led into the organization and shown around by the leader of it, the one who requested her presence in the first place; Naj.     She was then assigned two 'mentors' who she would study under: Sabrina and Evan. It was soon revealed that everything was a huge cover-up for an undercover spy operation run by W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P..

Personality Characteristics


Jenny is part of the Fact Faction which is a division centered around combatting lies with truths. Their missions are primarily aimed at education, revealing secrets about myths, histories, mysteries, and even lost artifacts. When the masses believe something that is false, the Fact Faction intends to set the recor straight.   Jenny loves exploring and learning. She used to do so mainly through books and educational television programs, but now that she is part of SPO, she much prefers to learn hands-on out in the field. Thrilling danger and the excitement of real-world situations brings out more of her curious, inquisitive side. She is very proud of her work and feels good when a mission has been successfully accomplished.

Work in Progress!

dark brown
neck-length, multiple loose braids, front-right corner section ponytailed up
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
light brown/tan
Aligned Organization
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23 Aug, 2022 21:55

Pre-Teen spies? Sounds like an interesting organization! The article doesn't say what she begins to excel in, though. Is it education in general, or a innate desire to hunt for the truth? What specifically about her catches Willowisp's attention?   She sounds like a great character, and one that would be a great asset in the field! ...we're talking about soccer fields, right? No one's dragging 12-year-olds into old ruins...?

Eternal Sage Wordigirl
LexiCon (WordiGirl)
24 Aug, 2022 07:23

Lol she pretty much excelled in general studies and they noticed how quickly she caught on to things and how she carried herself. Also, yes the Fact Faction looks for that hunger for truth and exploration, so I'm sure that was a major part of it as well.   XD thanks for reading and giving me a laugh! I'm glad you enjoyed the article because your comments certainly made me smile :D

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