Handouts for Lifestyles of the Fish and Famous

Lifestyles of the Fish and Famous

You thought you had it all after billionaire Ned Bevy acquired your plastic packaging company; fancy cars, elegant mansions, luxurious food... Not to mention rejuvenating vacations upon wondrous private islands. You were living it up-- until you found out that your lavish lifestyle came at a cost. Your products were polluting water, killing fish, choking wildlife, and harming plants. This made you want to restructure your business to become more eco friendly, but Mr. Bevy had other plans. After one bold business suggestion, you wake up to find yourself somewhere in the middle of the ocean locked inside a yacht that's about to explode. With the help of two elite W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P. agents, can you figure out a way to escape and save the world from litter by taking back your business from the clutches of an evil billionaire?

I created this Virtual Escape Room RPG Experience

for the cool folks over at Escape This Podcast!!!   To go check them out, visit ConsumeThisMedia.com!  

WARNING: Spoilers ahead!

If you would like me to run this adventure for you,   please feel free to ask! (but no peeking!)



Currently listening to the podcast episode? Scroll down for all the handouts and play along!


If not... what the heck are you doing over here?!   Unless a friend is running this game for you, I suggest you skeddaddle. There are spoilers ahead and you will probably be confused as idunnowhut if you look at this stuff out of context.


Five Rules Before We Proceed:

  1. Unless your name is Someone Elsewood , you are not allowed to go crazy and destroy the room. Any and all controlled 'breaking' scenarios will be hinted at.   2. Keep track of your inventory. Items can and may be used more than once.   3. Allow yourself to think outside the box. Some objects may be utilized in unconventional ways.   4. Don't be afraid to brainstorm ideas out loud no matter how silly they may seem. This can help you, your partners obligatory associates, and your GM to collectively make this the best experience possible for everyone!   5. Have fun!


Thanks so much for playing! I hope everyone had BOATLOADS of FUN!


...Read On for Credits, Author's Notes, and Easter Eggs...

VOICES and Sound   Special thanks to all the amazing voices who helped out with this production! Firstly, shout out to the magnificent Bill Sunderland and Dani Siller for playing the main characters Darius L. and Brenda S. Nellindill in the cutscene AND on the podcast! Also, I appreciate my wonderfully cool family (mom, dad, and siblings) for providing the Mp3 player news voices (including my brother Ossie with his CryptoCurrency bit), the fantastic Chris Monteiro for playing notorious billionaire Ned Bevy, and the star of the show, the AWESOME Jon McNally for bringing super crazy Secret Agent Someone Elsewood to life! Check him out on Fiverr and Instagram.   I did all the editing and sound effects this time around in addition to playing Constance Harbor in case you couldn't tell. (XD) Interested in ME doing voiceover work for you as well? I would be honored! I have a Fiverr gig, too! You can also comment down below, send me an email, or message me anywhere I'm found online. All sound effects used that I didn't create myself were creative commons found via Youtube. Most of those were still tweaked by moi. For audio/video editing and production, I used Audacity, Sound Forge Audio Studio 15, and Movavi Video Editor Plus. The music was created by me through Magix Music Maker with the exception of the CryptoCurrency bit by my brother Ossie. He did all his editing, sound effects, and music.
  Art   I made all the art for this adventure. A couple of the images (the map, the red herrings) were souped up Google Images I tweaked myself. I primarily utilized Microsoft Paint (XD), Paint 3d, AutoDesk SketchBook, and WPS Office Suite (knock-off Microsoft Word/Powerpoint/Spreadsheets) (XD) If there were any photographs, I probably took them with my Canon PowerShot SX60HS, with the exception of the Secret Agent Someone suit covers which were commissioned from photographer Aleksandar T. (QuasarArt) and further edited by me.  
EASTER EGGS AND FUN STUFF!   The name on the toolbox ROWAN RODUK is an anagram for WORKAROUND, referencing the note Bevy's henchmen left in the elevator "...the moron who installed the elevator put the buttons on the outside... I guess we'll have to use the WORKAROUND..."   MOOBAK is KABOOM backwards, which is a subtle foreshadowing that connects Ned Bevy's letter with the final bomb at the end.   The names Brenda S. & Darius L. Nellindill together unscramble to spell out Bill Sunderland & Dani Siller who are the hosts of Escape This Podcast!   The topic of conservation is very near and dear to me. It is important we all do our parts to help take good care of the earth God gave us! The pollution on the map IS NOT accurate. Sadly, there is MUCH MUCH MORE than that. EVERYWHERE. But I believe we can work together and help make things even better than that map one little action at a time.   With the exception of Red Herrings, of course, all the endangered/extinct animals and plants mentioned were indeed very REAL! And that's such a shame. Please look them up and find out things you can do to help them bounce back.   The Night of the Underwing mask is not real (that I know of), but it is based on the real Pink Underwing Moth as a caterpillar (which is a super cool and creepy endangered animal that really was "discovered" in 1888 by Herbert Druce). The story about the mask, Rodrigo Mercio, and the Museum of Unusual Arts in Detroit (also not a real place) was a flashback to Someone Elsewood's parents. Read the full story on TheProse.com.   (PS... Someone doesn't know his parents were spies. He and Constance only know the story of the mask through their training at W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P.. Although Someone seems crazy and carefree, his story is actually kinda deep... and heartbreaking. Feel free to ask me any questions, or subscribe to my Patreon for bonus content, secret trivia, exclusive merch, and behind the scenes deets!)   The six books found around the room are real short stories that I've written. I would love to turn them into full novels one day, but I am SUPER busy! Feel free to ask me about any of them and I will be glad to tell you all about them or even direct you to where the short stories are posted! Most can be found at my profile on TheProse.com Anvilites may recognize the sixth title which was Wynsumheord!!! <3<3<3   Ah... Magnar and Syndri... I love those bros. Check out their world here too.

Do you have any other questions about the game itself or the episode of ETP? I had so much to say but I didn't get around to it. Feel free to ask me things in the comments below, or message me anywhere online! Find all my social media links at wordigirl.com


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