AmmaZING Delivery Truck

AmmaZing Delivery Trucks and Vans can be seen all over the place- especially around the holidays. It's hard to walk five feet without seeing one drive by.

Power Generation

AmmaZing delivery trucks have powerful engines that can stop and start multiple times on end for frequent delivery drop-offs. The engine can also generate heat for the driver, and make sure that the vehicle can drive at correct traffic speeds.


The engine also propels the vehicle.

Weapons & Armament

There are no weapons installed on company-issued AmmaZing trucks, but some immitators are known to exist. These copy-cat vehicles are disguised as delivery trucks to fly under the radar, but when the authorities catch onto them and give chase, most of these vehicles are equipped with weapons that can thwart off anyone in persuit.

Armor and defense

The greatest defense in these trucks is the highly advanced tracking system. This feature discourages theives from attempting to make off with the vehicles, but skilled hackers have developed ways to intercept and disrupt the signals.   While normal AmmaZing trucks are pretty durable, some immitators have been found to be heavily armored. Even the windows and windshields are often bullet-proofed.

Communication Tools & Systems

All AmmaZing trucks have an in-network communication system that allows drivers to log into company channels and call or text each other directly through the interface. Though very secure, elite hackers can find their way into the hub and disrupt things, confuse drivers, or eavesdrop on conversations.


Traditional AmmaZing trucks are equipped with all the sensors of a modern vehicle; blind-spot alerts, rear-view camera and closeness meter, door ajar triggers, and other controls that aid the driver through navigation.

Additional & auxiliary systems

Most trucks are fitted with am/fm and digital radio, bluetooth capabilities, and even monitors for viewing movies and television. AmmaZing aims for the ultimate comfort of their workers, so you will often find moder versions of this vehicle with seat warmers as well.

Hangars & docked vessels

When not in use, delivery trucks are parked at AmmaZing warehouses all over the country.
AmmaZing Truck, Delivery Truck
Related Professions
The average AmmaZing delivery truck is not sold to the public.
There are over one hundred thousand in existence all over the world, primarily in the United States of America
22 feet
13 feet
10,000 pounds
Average: 60
Complement / Crew
AmmaZing Delivery Workers
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
9,500 pounds


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