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Second Earth.


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The world has been remade. The continents and land masses, the same, but the geography, the landscape is entirely different. The world is divided into two central hemispheres, the West and the East. What separates the two is a barrier of both magic and technology called The Broken Wing due to the number of birds that crash into it. Very few venture beyond these walls, besides the high ranking officials of either hemisphere. Above the two hemispheres, Antarctica is placed here (As opposed to being South of the continents.). The 120 gods shaped this new world for their amusement. These gods create and destroy worlds as one would flip the channel on his television. Each god is the personification of an idea or concept. Some are stronger, or ‘more essential’ than others. The gods range from as real or minute as Lustre or Deserts, and others represent something far more abstract like Life or Luck. In this present set of stories, each god has chosen someone, a teenager, to represent them in the new world they created. Each person chosen, however, does not completely reflect the god. The embodiment of Rage may choose someone calm, or the embodiment of intellect may choose a person with only average intelligence. Each chooses what they’ll find entertaining. Each person chosen is put into a group of 20, with a total of six groups. Individual pairs are random, others are not, depending on the god. Each group is thrown onto a separate continent, excluding Antarctica.   Intro Song: