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Alaine Dragonheart

Physical Description

Body Features

Alaine is a quadrupedal wyvern. Her four legs are hooved, and her two bat-like wings are massive. She is long and lean, with a short but powerful tail for her size and thin spike all down her spine. Alaine's scales are predominantly blue, fading to a lighter, almost silver shade down her legs and along her brow. Each scale has a thin red streak along the left side, as if it had been dipped in blood, that gives her body a peculiar reddish tint.

Facial Features

Alaine's snout is long and slender, and her eyes - set on either side on her face, but angled to see forward too - each have a defined, curving brow above. Her horns are curved and dark red, though short because she is still young.

Special abilities

As a wyvern, Alaine can fly and exhale liquid-like fire from her mouth. This fire isn't normal, for it is infused with her innate magic and burns extra hot - searing yellow with orange flickering at the edges, so bright it's almost white. By magic, she can control how destructive her fire is, so as to not burn the forest down while she hunts.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Alaine hatched in the ruins of Dragonheart Keep. Her mother and father were absent, and though there were the cracked shells of eggs around her, she was the only dragon around. Alaine took it upon herself to guard the ruins of the castle until her family returned, making sure to keep all of the treasure in it safe. There was one artefact in particular that she felt a connection to: the Dragonheart Ring. She could feel the magic in its jewels, and the magic seemed to speak to Alaine, telling her about her family - the Dragonhearts.   The ring told Alaine a prophecy, about a Draconic Renaissance, and Gwen, a new member human member of the Dragonheart line.

Personality Characteristics


To protect what little she has left of her family, preserve it for when they return, and learn more about their history.


Family Ties

Alaine is descended from the Dragonheart wyverns, and her family used to be powerful and influential among dragons, as well as having influence over human affairs. However, the remaining Dragonheart dragons have migrated to Scotland, and the human Dragonheart line is thought extinct.

Social Aptitude

As a hermit, Alaine's communication skills are lacking. She talks to the magic inside the Dragonheart Ring, but as an inanimate object, it isn't the best conversational partner. So, Alaine is often seen as rude or blunt.

Lawful Neutral
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Guardian of Dragonheart Keep
Dragonheart Keep
Current Residence
Dragonheart Keep
Biological Sex
2.6 m

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