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In the city of Seahaven, dark threats loom around every corner. In such a desperate place, it falls upon the shoulders of thieves, pirates, scoundrels, and even orphans to fight to protect the people from things lurking in the shadows.


Most of the residents in Seahaven are poor, as evidenced by the sprawling slums of Shanty Town and The Maze. The Mercantile District houses a middle class of craftsmen, merchants, and businessmen; making up perhaps one tenth of the city's population. The minority are the very wealthy - nobles and successful merchant barons - who reside in the Noble Quarter.


The ruler of Seahaven is Lord Ravencrest, lording over the city from his namesake castle high atop one of the bluffs overlooking the city. Although his word is absolute law, he leaves the daily operating of the city to a council of barons - almost two dozen trusted nobles who meet periodically to vote upon issues pertinent to the governance of the city.

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