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Spirit Spire

Some may refer to the Tower of Time as the Spirit Spire, but the two simply are not the same thing. Each is a counterpart to the other, bound together by sheer magical energy. The Spirit Spire... Is what it eats, for instance.
— Inter-dimensional expert on the topic of the Spirit Spire.
  From what limited information the Time Travelers have provided us about the Opposing Timeline, we can conclude that it is very different than the Tower of Time we know in our universe.  
  While the Tower of Time stands static, unaffected by the world and taking steps to reduce its effect on the world, the Spirit Spire takes a much different approach.   Wind-weathered, dusky purple stone lines its sides, blocky ‘windows’ speckling its lower surface and allowing the wind to whistle through it. The holes only enlarge further upward. They form cracks and shatter the upper parts of the tower.   Two-thirds of the way up, all stability is lost. Chunks of rocky material float in place, unmoving, providing a near impossible challenge in order to get to the top. Sometimes the rocks turn in a spiral pattern, but however high they go, they always shift back down.   If one were to manage their way to the summit, a platform awaits. It is believed this is where a certain Deity awaits. Wherever they may be at the time, those who live near the tower can comfirm that the Deity has set up camp somewhere within.  
The face of the stone shifts and stirs with... I have no idea what’s beneath it. Whatever it is, makes me- us, uneasy.
Neon, a member of the Time Travelers, describing the Spirit Spire’s surface. They seem a bit uneasy during the interview.

A Strange Feeling

  The Spirit Spire seems to have a certain effect upon those who live near it and within range of its strong magical energy. More specifically, it causes a sense of fear. A sense that one is being watched, or that something bad is about to happen. Even mentioning the Spire seems to have an effect on the one who speaks of it.   The emotions elicited by its presence are only magnified when one steps into it. Immediately, one’s energy is sapped from them, despite the tower being filled with its own. The Time Travelers say no one steps foot into it anymore.  
Once upon a time, I thought I could get to the top. I really did! Hell, I got to the third-ish floor before... Well. Before I found the poor guy. Completely gone, a skeleton ‘e was. Almost threw up on the spot... Never goin’ back up there.
— Someone who had attempted to scale the Spirit Spire.
  The Spirit Spire seems to have its own gravity. This makes traversing upwards even more dangerous. There have been records of explorers attempting to ascend to its heights, some ending in a bone-breaking fall, becoming too exhausted to continue, or finding the body of someone before them. Despite its danger, the mortality rate is low.   Strangely enough, there seem to be more dead than have ever entered the tower. Remains have been reported to be found not only scattered throughout the floors, being more numerous towards the top, but also to be trapped within the walls. Remains seem to disappear ever so often.

Purpose / Function

Its purpose is currently unknown. However, it is theorized the Spirit Spire once held something of either great importance or of great power, judging by the upper portions of the tower being so fragmented.   Whatever it was, it’s gone now.


The Time Travelers do not know whether or not the tower was once whole, so there is only more room for theories.   Most believe that the Spirit Spire was undamaged and pristine at a time, before whatever ruined it occured. That the rage of the gods of the Opposing Timeline tore it apart. Either that, or something even more powerful.


This ruined tower is similar in structure to the Tower of Time, with smooth walls, a circular base, and a height at which any normal building would topple. Its massive entrance is open at all times, however.   The gate isn’t where the differences end, either. The Spirit Spire’s appearance seems a bit cobbled together, as if it could fall apart at any moment. Strong magic flows through the cracks in the stone, focused seemingly on holding it together instead of shielding it from the outside. There are no stairs on the inside. What could function as a way of getting to higher levels is a combination of floating stones and ‘window’ ledges. It’s been deemed too dangerous for anyone to attempt.


The Spirit Spire seems to have been here since the begining of time, in the same state. No records of its construction can be found. No owner, except the Deity that has taken up residence there, has been recorded.
The Deity? Yeah, I’ve seen them... Running around at the speed of sound in there, [They gesture towards the Spirit Spire] just enjoying life. I think. Well, I’d sure hope so.
— Eyewitness to the Deity’s presence within the Spirit Spire.
Ah, yes, the story of how I broke all my bones...
— An explorer who had attempted to climb the Spirit Spire, right before delving into a story that was so long the interviewer fell asleep.
I went in there and nearly threw up. That’s all. Not gonna tell you about how a floating boulder pinned me for an hour or two or how I shared that space with a skeleton, no siree.
— Someone who had also attempted to reach the top of the Spirit Spire. In their denial of information, they gave away exactly what they wouldn’t share.
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