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Ruined Ruins

The seemingly innocuous ruins that Mac has been sleeping in for the past thousand years. It is located within the Foreboding Forest, and is surrounded by only a few pillars but no other supposedly manmade structures.   The true origin of these ruins is completely and totally unknown, due to the building seemingly teleporting from place to place every time it is not being viewed. The informations gathered so far on these mysterious ruins include:  
  • It is made of an identical material that makes up the Tower of Time, albeit a darker and greyer shade of purple.
  • Its surface is nearly completely flawless, save for the outline of a door in its south facing wall. Few damages have been located on the building, but they do not seem to be natural as the edges are completely smooth.
  • Any attempts to get in have resulted in the person trying to get sent to the Void for the span of about ten minutes. After the ten minutes, they have beem shot out about ten meters from the Ruined Ruins, completely unharmed save for the scratches gained after being ejected from the Void.
  • The stucture is far too old to be assigned a date, as carbon dating is unsuccessful and the original inhabitants of the lands at the time were not advanced enough to create such a structure.
Due to the sheer lack of information gathered by the very few successful research expeditions, said expeditions have been put on a hold until further notice.

Purpose / Function

A true purpose to this building has not yet been found, but many a theory has been founded based on the current known information.   The most supported theory is that the gods themselves have created the Ruined Ruins. This is plausible, as there is solid evidence supporting the existance of the gods, as well as the gods themselves appearing in a corporeal form before certain mortals in their respective locations. The only two gods who respond in any way after being asked about the Ruined Ruins are the Moon and Ocean goddesses, although they simply nod.   A theory about its purpose lies within the very many sealing runes carved neatly and methodically into the ruin’s surface. Perhaps it is to keep something inside, something that cannot be unleashed until a certain point or simply to be kept inside for all of eternity.   Due to the runes and something inside the ruins themselves, the Ruined Ruins exude a powerful magical aura. This brings up the question of whether or not this structure was used as an ancient magical generator.
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