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Qur Maggot

We found that the reason our scout rushed on out of the corpse was because of a bug. Sure, they’re anarachnophobe and all, but that was a HUGE bug. Only makes it worse that it talks.
Neves Ytnewt, at the site of a Fallen.
  The Qur Maggot is a recent discovery, a big one both literally and research-wise. It was first discovered by Neves and his crew, his scout scurrying out of a member of The Fallen as soon as the Qur Maggot was spotted. Neves soon called biological researchers to the scene. The Qur Maggot is still under heavy study.

Basic Information

Anatomy & Morphology

A massive, grub-like maggot with a pale body and many many stubby legs. The legs are curled inward towards the stomach as the Qur Maggot lounges on the floor of the corpse, among many tinier versions of itself. Its head resembles the mask of a Voidling, pure white with eyeholes that have nothing but shadows behind them.   The mask is circular, small points emerging in regular intervals all the way around the mask’s edge. Three crescent-shaped eyeholes are arranged to resemble a smiling face. No eyes can be seen.

Genetics and Reproduction

Despite being surrounded by miniature versions of itself, the Qur Maggot says it cannot reproduce.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Whatever the hell is up with this bug, it isn’t natural. At all. Gods, I hate it. I think I’m developing a phobia.   It just... Keeps talking. And talking, and talking and... It’s never wrong. Whatever it says, it makes sure it’s the truth. It gets too personal sometimes, and I have to leave the room so it stops talking. It knows about my sister.
— Neves’s notes about encounters with the maggot. The entry mentions his sister, Arecoll.
  The Qur Maggot seems to have no magic, no Soul, and no efficient way of moving about. However, it does have the ability to speak via telepathy.   Its physical form draws in raspy, shallow breaths as it communicates with who it sees. At any other time, it is eerily silent. It speaks only the truth, and only seems to be able to speak the truth. What makes its truth-telling even more disturbing, however, is the Qur’s knowledge of anything and everything relating to the person it is speaking with or the topic at hand.   The Qur Maggot says its name is Qurilion, and that it does not remember anything from before a few years ago. This all-knowing knowledge seems to have its limits in that regard.

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