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Magic and Magical Energy

WARNING: There have been recent reports of a Magical Blackmarket taking place in multiple locations all over the solar system, including Avalon. The buying and selling of magic and magical energy is considered highly illegal, so please report any possibly related activities to the authorities. Please remain safe and only donate magical matter to verified donation centers, thank you.
 The Interplanetary Health Organization
  The lifeblood that runs through most of the universe, extending even into the multiverse itself. Magical energy is collected by the Soul, but if the Soul is nonexistant or weak, the person may pull the energy from around themselves.   Magic helps Monsters function, along with similar species. Due to their dependancy on magic, they are able to use it as well. In the beginning of their lives, a Monster’s skill in the usage of magic is mostly genetic. Magic has a tendency to get out of control if the Monster is born with the capacity to weild a large amount of it, and this issue might continue later in life if the Monster is unable to learn control over their magic. If a Monster is born with a very limited magic capacity, however, their magic has an extremely low chance of overacting while they are young. A Monster’s growth is directly connected to the overall capacity of their magic.   Later in life, the Monsters can take the necessary actions, classes and lessons, or just practice in general, to improve control of their magic. With enough practice, even the Monsters with the least amount of magic can function just as well as the ones with lots of it but with little to no training.   Magic has many uses. The main one, for starters, is the ability to support the life of Monsters who otherwise wouldn’t be able to live. Because of this, magic quite literally runs through all Monsters’ blood and bodily fluids, the color of the magic determining the color of the blood or fluid. Magic can also, as one might expect, be used in many other things, mundane or otherwise, as well. Examples include:
  • Forming bodily parts, which takes an average amount of magic.
  • Picking things up, using a miniscule bit of magic.
  • And performing complex spells, rituals, or doing battle, using the most magic out of these.
And many, many more.   Magic is very particular though, and some magics might not be able to be used by certain individuals.   Well, what about magical energy? What’s that? Magical energy is similar to the energy that Humans use to function, but it’s the magical variant for Monsters. Magical energy helps to fuel the magic one uses, as normal energy fuels a Human’s motions and bodily functions. It can be refueled with rest and consuming things that give energy, such as food, just like a Human’s energy. Unlike a Human’s energy, magical energy lingers physically around Monsters, or anything that can use magic, and follows its parent Monster around. The only reason this does not happen is if the person in question is afflicted with Soul Dissociation.   Magical energy can be stolen, but to do so is to break the law, as it can be fatal for some Monsters. The stealing of one’s magical energy can be punished with 5 - 10 years in prison, and is considered a felony, right between grand theft and unplanned murder. If the felon accidentally kills the victim, it can and will be treated as a murder.   Magical energy is also sometimes known as an Aura, but the term is used mostly for the energy nearest the Soul.


Magical Facts:   Magic is used in excess everyday in Avalon, so it is a welcome and familiar sight here. A Monster’s abilities, fluid and blood colors, and even the colors of their Soul are determined by the color of their unique magic. Magic can be unique to a Monster or elemental. Elemental magic is dependent on and activated certain emotions, usually the more common negative ones, while the unique magics are subconsciously put into play by both positive, neutral, and rarer emotions. Monsters can lack unique magic, but it is extremely rare. Humans can be born with magic, or they can learn how to use magic, but the capacity to do either is somewhat rare. The more saturated the color of the activated magic is, the purer and more powerful the magic being used will be. Absolutely pure magic can range from completely harmless to undoubtably deadly. There are individuals who can track magic and see others’ magical energy, meaning that magical crime doers can still be brought to justice. Magic can do virtually anything, as long as the user is skilled enough and has enough magical energy to give. Magical energy cannot be lent to others, but it can be taken and made one’s own. Stolen magical energy does not last long and must be used immediately or it will disperse on its own. Stolen magic can last up to three days before dissolving and dispersing. The term ‘magic user’ refers to a Human who uses magic or a Monster who uses magic outside of keeping themselves alive. It is illegal to jam or steal another’s magical energy, as it could result in the victim’s death.


Avalon is the largest hotspot for magical energy on its planet, and about 90% of the planet’s magic users were either born there, live there now, or had visited at least once. This excess of magical energy has attracted many of the planet’s Deities, minor and major alike.

Metaphysical, Arcane

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