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An ancient race of shadowy creatures that lived and thrived long ago. Almost the entire species was obliterated by their home, the series of equally as ancient floating islands called Arcania, falling to the ground. After the islands crashed into the lands below, the survivors, and the rest of the species, faded into obscurity.   No one is sure if they even exist anymore, but who knows?   Koumlats posses the Body and Magic traits, but not the Soul trait due to their lack of a Soul.

Basic Information


Usually bipedal. Their skeleton only serves the purpose of a basis to form their bodies, made of shadows and materials sometimes, on. Muscle mass ranges from very muscular to little muscle. Armor-like shell plates are grown on their bodies where needed or desired. Tendrils grow from their heads, resembling hair, and the two in front grow first and are sensory organs akin to whiskers. Some have thick, salamander-like tails, while others may have thinner, shorter tails. Some may have no tail at all.   The sensory organs that grow from their heads, specifically the front two feelers, serve as complimentary to their sight and sense of touch. If one of the two were to take a blow the Koumlat may fall unconscious due to overstimulation. After regaining consciousness, their sight might be blurry, light may hurt their eyes, and they may hallucinate. They may feel like their whole body is pins and needles, and a fuzzy feeling in their head is common.

Biological Traits

Bigger muscles and larger shell areas are found usually in those that hatched with very few siblings, and these are slower and tougher than the average Koumlat. Leaner and slimmer ones with less shell are usually from larger families, and can move quicker but are easier to defeat.

Genetics and Reproduction

The entire species is afflicted with Soul Dissociation, which is genetic when contracted.   They lay up to 100 eggs, most of which die usually before hatching. The eggs are purposefully laid close together so that, when one dies, the ones nearby can absorb the magical energy and use it to develop and hatch faster. At least one offspring hatches, and the most to ever hatch was 86 eggs. The eggs are usually a light pink, the only part of the species to have color save for the eyes and blood, and are soft like frog eggs. Each egg is the size of a dinner plate in diameter, and has a stupendous nutritional value. The eggs taste slightly salty, getting more savory the later on the egg died. The hatched individuals tend to eat the dead eggs in order to grow stronger.   Koumlats reproduce using magical energy from the other parent(s), and interspecies reproduction is completely possible as long as the Koumlat is the egg carrier. Any Koumlat can lay eggs, but any Koumlat can also willingly turn off egg production.

Growth Rate & Stages

There are four stages: egg, tadpole, juvenile, and adult. It takes 10 years at most, less if other eggs’ energy was absorbed, for an egg to hatch. The tadpole-like juvenile stage only lasts three months, of which they are busy eating to grow their limbs. As they grow into fully mobile juveniles, some keep their salamander-esque tail, while others ditch it for stronger legs and arms.   It takes 400 years to reach full height, and 500 years in total to reach adulthood, then they are able to reproduce.

Ecology and Habitats

This species is highly adaptable, thanks to their ability to manipulate their bodies using magical energy, and can live anywhere.   They respect any other living thing, as the island they grew up on had a precious few of them.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The species is omnivorous, and prefers insects, as those were easy to breed and farm and grow. When they do hunt, they use stealth and magical weapons to take down the targer swiftly and quickly. It is speculated that the prey feels little to no pain due to the quickness of death.

Biological Cycle

Due to lack of diverse weather on the islands, there are no weather or season affected cycles associated with Koumlats.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Original rank determined by distinctive shell on head, but can rise up or down depending on actions. Highest rank is Monarch, which is only born into, lowest rank is Peasant, which can be achieved.

Facial characteristics

Red glowing eyes, distinctive shell covers forehead and usually some of the eyes. Usually no mouth or nose, with holes in the sides of the head for ears, similar to that of owls.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Originally found on Arcania, current location unknown

Average Intelligence

About as intelligent as the average human. Capable of common sense, using tools, and asking questions about things. Marks of advanced sapience are also found, those including problem solving and strategic abilities.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Can absorb magic around them to use and store for later, in any way they can, as long as they are skilled enough to do so. This magic is used primarily to shapeshift.   Sense of smell is nonexistant, but eyesight at night, due to inability to see color, is extremely good. Hearing is average.   If they focus their magic they can see others’ Souls and the auras of said Souls.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

When born, they are named by the ones who laid them. When they turn 100, they can decide whether or not to keep the name or to choose a new one. Each 100 years, they can choose a new name, but they may obtain and create any nicknames for themselves between those 100 years.   There are no gendered names, as there is no need for gender in particular. It is speculated that gender was not even a construct in their society as it is today.

Gender Ideals

There is no definite gender, as any Koumlat can change their name and appearance. However, they are expected to be strong and intelligent. In addition to the somewhat optional first two, there is a third irreplaceable trait they must be: honorable. They must treat any other well, as long as the other follows suit.

Courtship Ideals

A well rounded mate from another family is always desired. Weak magic makes for weak eggs, which die easily but produce at least one good offspring, while magic that is too strong will cause too many offspring to be born, meaning that they might die young. A well rounded mate creates a balance between dead eggs and offspring, meaning that while some eggs inevitably die, enough strong offspring are born so that one dying because of complications will not be the end.

Relationship Ideals

Again, well rounded relationships are good ones, but each has their preferences.

Average Technological Level

Generally bronze age level technology, because iron is too sparsely found for use for anything other than weapons. They were the first species to create weapons that fully channeled the magical potential of the weilder, as well as weapons that could damage Souls.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Arcanian is the main language, although it was lost along with most of the population.

Common Etiquette Rules

They are never to assume, without reason, anything about someone. Being ignorant and assuming are both at the top of the dishonorable traits list.   When meeting someone formally, they ought to take a confident stance. At any other time, they may stand however they like.   Rude behavior and bossiness are both behaviors that are frowned upon greatly, and for children, the parents must teach them to be kind and understanding.

Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals

Birthdays are celebrated every 10 years, as yearly birthdays were considered to arrive too quickly and 50-100 year birthdays too slowly.   Once every 1000 years, there is a festival where everyone eats to celebrate their people’s success, then sleeps wherever they can, even in public. This tradition is called The Great Refreshing, and is able to be celebrated due to the Koumlats being unable to die of old age.

Common Taboos

Dishonorable and rude behavior is considered to be taboo, and must be dealt with kindness and discipline from parents and friends. It is bad luck to name an egg before it hatches, as it is believed that it curses the egg to die. Naming an egg before hatching is only okay if it is the last one, as it is guaranteed to hatch.   It is taboo to lay one’s eggs apart from one another so that they do not touch. This stems from the belief that the eggs that die will not be able to pass on their energy to their brethren, resulting in a very rare full brood death.


The species thrived for millennia, becoming well established in the trading practice. Known for their pride and shows of strength, both mentally, physically, and emotionally, they often took sides in battles. Their side usually won, due to having both the high ground and influence over most villages. Their species used to be vibrant and colorful, a counterpart to the black and white and gray people below.   However, one day, they all came crashing down. A thief, one of their own, stole the floating islands’ color in an attempt to win the favor of the ground dwellers. The color, in the form of an orb, powered the magic that kept the islands afloat, and they fell soon after the thief narrowly escaped. Color was brought to the world below, but not without a price. The islands fell onto those below and, the people knowing this as the thief’s fault, turned on the thief.   Using the powers the Koumlats had taught them, they sealed the thief away in the Void, along with the orb.   Few of the Koumlats had survived, and those that did had hidden themselves away forevermore.

Historical Figures

Common Myths and Legends

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Other species hold them in high respect and even fear their power. Flying Monsters get along with them especially well due to interacting with them a lot.
Floating Arcanian Islands
Indefinite, they cannot die from old age
Conservation Status
There is no recorded info on this species, and no documented alive members, so no protection is provided under the assumption that the species is extinct.
Average Height
6 feet - 14 feet (smallest ever adult: 3 feet 7 inches, largest ever adult: 28 feet 11 inches)
Average Weight
170 lbs - 550 lbs
Average Physique
Muscular, but with slimmer frames.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Gray stripes of different shades, usually geometric and symmetrical. Colors overall range from pure white to pure black, and all grays inbetween.
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