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Blaze of Glory

An funeral tradition that begun on the Hunters’ home planet. The tradition is one of fire and honor, available to those who abide by the Hunter’s rules and stay honorable for the bulk of their lifetime.   The tradition began as a way to keep animals and carnivorous plants away from settlements. Wildlife had long since overtaken the planet, closing in on the remaining Hunters’ settlements. The lives they claimed only spurred them onwards, the bodies feeding the wildlife and allowing the Soul Parasites to infiltrate the camps.   With the death toll rising, Hunters began burning their dead. Eventually, casualties returned to normal levels and things were relatively at peace once more. The Hunters’ leaders turned the newfound tradition into a mark of honor for those who abided by the laws, allowing honorable fallen Hunters to be burnt with their favorite weapons and Soapstone. This would soon become the Blaze of Glory.   Soon enough, roles in the society were created for those too frail or too old to hunt for the Blaze of Glory were created. Behind the scenes, gatherers of flammable materials would seek out dry wood and fragrant flowers for the burning, usually accompanied by a few skilled Hunters to keep them safe. Dedicated Burners would teach loved ones of the fallen Hunter how to do their job, doing the burning themselves if the dead had no loved ones remaining. Guards would be stationed near the corpse before the Blaze of Glory occured to make sure no wildlife took advantage of the free food.   Eventually this was incorporated into the Hunter’s food preparations, those unwilling to eat the kill burning a piece instead. The Blaze of Glory is thought to honor these dead creatures, making sure that vengeful spirits would not rise up in revenge.   After the first Hunters left the planet, after a few parasites and wildlife had spread invasively on foreign soil, the Blaze of Glory was carried along with them as an integral part of their culture. Styles of how it is done differentiates, but all resulting in the corpse being burnt to nothing but ashes.


The dead Hunter’s friends, family, and any who wants to attend.   The Burner is usually a trusted person of the fallen Hunter, or one specified in the Hunter’s will or final words.

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