Yellow Dragon Dormitory

The Yellow Dragon clan dormitory is home to all first year students during their first month in Taru International Academy, and includes bedrooms, a common room, a kitchen and a duelling room exclusively for Yellow Dragon clan members. Situated in the Mage's Rest building, the Yellow Dragon dormitory is close to the luggage and parcels room, so new students can easily collect their belongings upon arrival.  


  The Yellow Dragon dormitory offers small rooms that contain two sets of bunk-beds to hold a total of four students per room. It can be a shock to many students who are used to having their own private place, as they will have to share their room and trust their roommates to respect their belongings, while adapting to the culture of living on the TIA Campus.   After a month has passed, most students will choose to leave the Yellow Dragon dormitories and join an alternative clan. The remaining Yellow Dragon students will then be able to to have their own room. Students who are confident with building magic will help transform the rooms into private and unique spaces for each member.  


  The Yellow Dragon common area is open to all students, which makes it a convenient place to make new friends and to invite guests. It is also a neutral area that holds no particular aesthetic or bias towards one way of life or magic specialism. Students can find many quiet spaces in the dormitories that are perfect for studying.   It is said that the neutral space of the dormitories as well as the Yellow Dragon clan culture creates a balanced atmosphere, making it easier to learn the most difficult concept of magic; Calling Magic.
Common area
The Yellow Dragon clan is a symbol of unity, representing the earth and balance. Because of this, the Yellow Dragon students often act as impartial judges for the special events.

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