The White Tiger Clan Dormitories - The Castle

The White Tiger Clan resides in a collection of interlinked buildings called The Castle. These buildings have several corridor bridges connected between them, allowing students to pass from one building to another on various floors. Students from years 1 to 3 reside in dormitories in the buildings by the east and may choose which building to reside in. From their 4th year, students may earn their own room through good grades, magic prowess or being recognised as a valuable member of the White Tiger Clan.   Students who are unable to earn their private room or who prefer to roomshare may organise the large rooms among themselves from the 4th year onwards. These dormitories are in the west side of the buildings.   The Castle is popular for its beautiful and enchanting aesthetic which is not typical of Taruan, Cantari or (West) Federation architecture. The inspiration behind the building came from some of the ruins found on the west side of the island, just before the coast.  


  There are plenty of plazas around The Castle where students can practice their casting or play Beanz tournaments. There are also several private gardens students may use for carefully growing flora and to socialise with others.
Common area

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