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Surfing Monkey

The Surfing Monkey is a monkey species that lives primarily on The Mid-Summer Sea . Named for its unusual adaption of using a special leaf called a Windbreaker (Wstwark) to surf the waves and hunt for fish. Many islanders believe the monkeys also enjoy surfing for fun, and some islanders claim they can recognise which Surfing Monkey has the best skills in the sea!

Basic Information


The Surfing Monkey can vary in size, but the most successful surfers have long feet and heavy thighs. Their tails are often shorter than monkey species who live in jungles.

Ecology and Habitats

Some suggest that Surfing Monkeys first moved from the islands to live by The Mid-Summer Sea, because they were attracted by the Variegation Tides. Wstwark leaves fall from giant Wstcane trees that are over 90ft in height, and often get whisked away far into the sea. Surfing Monkeys can become quite attached to their Wstwark, and may decorate it from the unique dyes that some fish hold. Sometimes islanders will leave fruit by the coast for the monkey that attempted the best art. The Surfing Monkeys usually share their prize with others, possibly as it is quite tricky to carry it all by themselves  along the sea.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Surfing Monkeys enjoy eating fish, cracking shells, and stealing the occasional coconut when they brave the coast. They often stash their food on their 'surf boards', but may occasionally stash them on very small, uninhabited islands.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Surfing Monkeys have hearing filters, that quietens the busy sound of the sea, but allows them to easily hear the calls of their own kind, and the sounds of larger animals such as sharks and megawhales.
Conservation Status
The Surfing Monkey depends on the warm waters of the Mid-Summer Sea which surrounds the majority of the Southern Isles. The culture of the Southern Isles people is to nurture and protect their land and the sea, so the Surfing Monkeys are part of their conservation efforts and currently suffer no environmental pressures. It is against Southern Isle law to take an animal from the Southern Isles, and as trade is valuable and tourism is held in high regard, most visitors are sure to stick to the rules.
Geographic Distribution
The Mid-Summer Sea
Geographic Location | Jul 14, 2022

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