School Clans & Clan Events

School clans are an integral part of life at Taru International Academy . All first years begin in the Yellow Dragon clan, but may change clans after a month has passed. Each clan represents a perspective of education, alongside a balanced student life, such as a focus on extra scholar activities, discipline and wushu studies, enjoying the arts and exploring how people may help each other and work together. A student's school clan will affect their dormitory space and who they may see on a day to day basis, as well as possible events, their status, and their advisor.   Each clan has two prefects who are at least in year four. Prefects have the duty of supporting fellow clan members with their needs, improving social cohesion and promoting clan member responsibility, as well as developing the clan common room and its facilities. Clans may give clan-specific special titles to other students as well.   Clans compete in Casting Duels, Beanz Tournaments, Endurance Races, Exploration Trials and Regattas.  

Casting Duels

  Casting Duels are tournaments that are beloved by students who are eager to swing spells at each other. Each clan has their own clan tournament, and will then in turn pick the six highest ranking duellists to compete in the school-wide main event. The main event has 6 rounds. The first round has 30 students battling against each other in a Battle Royale. The first ten students to be knocked out are removed from the competition. The second round has students in groups of five battling until there is a single victor. Then the remaining for students compete 1 on 1 in the semi finals, with the remaining 2 victors competing in the finals.  
"It's organised playfighting." said Lo Chen.
  The tournament rules require students to only use the casting method for magic. Participating students must show respect to their opponent before and after the match. The arena is carefully observed by several teachers and will have been imbued with law-magic to prevent major injuries. Casting Duels aren't permitted to first years, but all students are welcomed to spectate the main events and their own clan duels. The opening ceremony to the event is also known to be spectacular and is performed by teachers.    
"Of course there's an opening ceremony." grumbled Lo Chen.

"And of course, Alice would like you to participate. You can show the students what you're capable of! Maybe they'll listen to you more in class." Louis Wright said with a bemused smile as he sunk into the office chair.

"No. Not interested."

"I'm sure you'll change your mind." Louis allowed his gloved fingertips to collide. Lo Chen was too predictable.

"There is absolutely no chance I'll be performing in front of my students like a monkey." Lo Chen said, shortly before being reminded of the terms and conditions of his signed contract.


Beanz Tournaments

Beanz Tournaments are played through Beanz cards which have recently become popular in Taru, despite the cards not being able to use their Holo function.    
"It's organised marketing for flashy gimmicks." said Lo Chen.
A competitor chooses their player card before they have been selected for a match, along with a deck of cards that uses beasts known as Beanz along with a variety of spell cards. The game is very popular among students and even a few teachers, and enjoys good media coverage with its corporate social responsibility, donating half of its profits to good causes. Because of the charitable aspect, many The official Beanz tournament in the academy is carefully regulated. Originally only teachers organised the event with fellow students, but a local on Yoko island was employed as the official spokesperson of the 'Yoko Branch', which allowed an employer to attend the tournament at the school, as only Yoko island natives and the students and staff at the academy are allowed on school grounds.   I plan to donate real Beanz cards to fellow Patreon supporters when there is enough support!      
Taru Shores by SailingOcelot

Endurance Races

  Endurance races are non-magic running events where students race against the school grounds, and occasionally by the permitted mountain range. They are a test of physical strength and prowess.  
"Organised endurance?" Marine offered.

"You know it, kid."


Exploration Trials

  Exploration Trials are school wide events with a unique challenge every year. Students have to traverse the permitted mountain range carefully and use what magic they have at their deposal. Completing a trial is something to be very proud of and can bring extra credit towards grades, as well as the all important social creditability. Winning an exploration trial is a mighty thing which will bring a great reward.  
"And what about this one? Got nothing to say?" Annabel pointed.
"It's not a regatta." Lo Chen shrugged.


"And what is a ragetta?" Eleanor asked, but knew Lo Chen was about to answer anyway.

"A regatta is a battle of strategy, teamwork, endurance, preparation and grit. Teams launch their ships to race across the sea. First crew there and back wins. Fight back whatever gets in your way. Remove all obstacles. Sail, fight, and sail again!" Lo Chen continued until one by one, the students left.

    And there you have it.  
Yellow Dragon Clan

Known as: The Family

Resides at Mage's Rest  The Yellow Dragon clan is a symbol of unity, representing the earth and balance. First years start in the Yellow Dragon clan but most of them will change their clan after a month. The remaining students often act as impartial judges for the special events.  

  "Yellow Dragon is truly like another family. There is no pressure to reach for a certain star. You can soar across the whole sky." - Rivern Monaghan
  "There's not to many of us. I prefer it like that." Sulphur Monaghan.
  Clan bonuses
Uninterrupted - Easier to study when there’s less students around. Bonuses on study.
A Common Ground - More opportunities to meet students who might lurk in the Yellow Dragon common area.
Balanced - Bonus in learning calling magic      
Azure Dragon by David
  Azure Dragon Clan

Known as: The Scholars

The Azure Dragon represents wood, the east and spring. The clan's focus is on growth and learning. The students are known for organising effective study groups for exams, and due to Edgard's returning Magi policy, most Edgardians are encourage to apply.   Clan bonuses
Azured Focus - Grade bonus on completing homework
Verbose - Bonus on learning reading magic
Tutorage - Can become a tutor and receive rewards for accepting tutoring jobs.      

  Vermillion Bird Clan

Known as: The Artists

The Vermillion Bird represents the element of fire, the south, and summer. The clan focus is of self-expression and composure. The student are known to encourage each other's creativity rather than compete against each other, as they prefer to celebrate the multi-talents of individual talents rather than group themselves into a single perspective of a single kind of art. School clubs will often go to Vermillion Bird members to ask for support in their special events.   Clan bonuses
Heart within the Art - Grade bonus on performing arts, easier time at the dance clubs, and later, wuxia and calligraphy magic
Casting practice - Students can practice their casting skill under the watchful eyes of senior students and Vermilion Bird Teachers.
Tea Time - It is easier to make friends with tea! This dormitory is social and has certain times for students to gather and drink tea together.  

White Tiger by Tambako The Jaguar
  White Tiger Clan

Known as: The Judges

The White Tiger represents metal, the west and autumn. The clan's focus is on justice and virtue. Many of the students have their own reasons for belonging into the White Tiger clan. Whether they've experienced injustice, or long for a more equal and kinder world, ambitious students will be attracted towards this clan. White Tiger students are known for their casting and combat abilities, and for that reason many Cantari students will join the clan, despite the bias they may receive from other members.     Clan bonuses
Casting practice - Students can practice their casting skill under the watchful eyes of senior students and White Tiger Clan Teachers.
Tiger and Beanz - Lots more opportunities to collect Beanz cards by completing White Tiger challenges.
Soul for Casting - Students receive a casting bonus.      

  Black Tortoise Clan

Known as: The Warriors

The Black Tortoise represents the water, the north and winter. The clan's focus is on discipline, thoughtfulness and determination. Many students will enjoy physical activities, such as sports, wushu and wuxia. They may also enjoy riding animals or learning to take care of them.     Clan bonuses
Tea Time - It is easier to make friends with tea! This dormitory is social and has certain times for students to gather and drink tea together.
Casting practice - Students can practice their casting skill under the watchful eyes of senior students and Black Tortoise Teachers.
Dojo - Black Tortoise Clan have full access to the dojo to improve their wuxia, and access to the workshops.

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