The Library

A massive, deep-running super-structure carved out of the side of a cliff. It's tunnels run deep, forming an entire city for the Bloom Serpents, specialized to their needs with indoor access to clean water, rooms with sun-roofs, and stable conditions to cause minimal stress. It's host to thousands of years of history, both written and objects.


The Library is run by the 7 petal council, a group of elected officials that display prominent knowledge, age or wisdom in ways that could be helpful or useful to running the Library, and keeping it's contents preserved and secured. Each member serves until they are either unable to, are deemed no longer council material, or need to be replaced, depending on the incident.


Entire settlement is carved from the side of a hill, made of stone and spaced with an empty moat, dug deep. Indoors run deep and complex, can easily get lost if not a native.


The Bloom Serpents are mostly self-sufficient when it comes to bare necessities, not needing food and being able to clean and harvest/contain their own water. Exchanging history, studies, technology, maps, scrolls and other valuables for luxury / rare materials they do not produce / have themselves.


Stone walls, gate with empty moat, indoor agriculture, indoor lighting via plants, hidden / defended roof openings.


Scores of knowledge and studies that go back thousands of years. Technology of indoor agriculture / preservation of expendables.

Guilds and Factions

Agricultural; responsible for maintenance, preservation and growth of each type of plant that has ever existed, and collecting its seeds. (They do not keep animals, as they do not wish to disturb them or their habitats, and prefer to research them from a "natural and wild" perspective. Plants grow the same in or out of captivity, and have many uses. They also do not have the materials to host every animal species they find. very rarely they'll find a plant species that they'll treat with the same respect, due to either low numbers or inability to survive in "captivity")
Lore-Keepers; specialized groups sent out from the Library to attain, bring back, record or find new sources of knowledge that they do not yet have.
Book-Keeps; individuals tasked with caring for the vast array of books, scrolls, and other written paper/leatherbound/etc types of knowledge.
Oasis-Tenders; Individuals tasked with ensuring the constant supply of water for the denizens and creatures/plants inside that need it. The source and amount of water they have access to is a well-kept secret, only available to those given the blessing to work this path.


Built with the assistance of the Dragons, it served as both protection for the weaker-then-average species, and a safe place to store the bounties of knowledge that they recorded. Even once the Dragons had gone, the Bloom Serpents continued to expand the corridors and halls, discovering new techniques to dig and maintain their home.


Made with a majority of clay/brick/carved clay, other resources are scattered about in a mix of design and function, like wood roofing in the sun rooms, and a variance of other cultures building styles implemented into their own.

Natural Resources

Clay, Minerals, Sand, Materials for books + writing, plentiful sunlight, underwater reservoir of water
Underground / Vault
Inhabitant Demonym
Librarians, Bloom Serpents


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