The Famine


The Famine was an event that struck the Gnoll Tribes of Morven; a booming population spread too far over the southlands, leading to a lack of food sources between the tribes. Many Gnolls starved, or tore eachother apart; several tribes were lost. The survivors are the ones who adapted; culling their numbers, finding new food sources, finding places that hadn't been claimed. Of the 11 tribes that existed before The Famine, only 9 still exist, with several of them being much weaker then before. This event also caused the remaining tribes to agree that for each Gnoll family, at least for the time being, be allowed only one pup.



The Gnoll tribes' populations were on the rise, spreading out far and covering most of the southern lands.


There were originally 11 recognized tribes, but as populations grew, and smaller / unrecognized tribes cropped up all over the south, Gnolls began to fight over territory and food resources.

Rising Action

Tensions rise as tribes become desperate, relations drop


Large-scale conflicts and raids, two tribes are destroyed

Falling Action

Large decrease in Gnoll numbers, permanent war between two now-cannibalistic tribes, rocky relations between remaining gnoll tribes


Chiefs enact the one-pup rule, allowing all families to only have 1 pup, expansion is halted and preservation efforts are attempted to be put into place.

Plot type
A devastating regional event
Parent Plot
Plot of Morven


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