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Sealed Humans

The Humans. Spread out in several villages around their Kingdom, ruled by a Dog King. The Human Kingdom is easily the most varied, while containing a majority of humans, several other minor races speckle their populations and villages, like dog-people and centaurs.

Basic Information


Bipedal Humanoids, builds vary between individuals depending on genetics, jobs and location. Minor faction builds vary greatly.

Genetics and Reproduction

Male & Female Mammal Reproduction, 9 month pregnancy period. 1-3 children average.

Growth Rate & Stages

Reaches maturity at 18 years.

Ecology and Habitats

Able to survive in most environments comfortably, they're spread out both in their own lands, and can often be found living in or visiting other kingdoms.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Omnivorous, humans eat a collection of different foods. Farms, Orchards and Animal Husbandry, humans support themselves with a variety of foods. In the Capital, food is stored in the Storehouse located between the Keep and the Armory. In villages, food is stored in a minor storehouse usually beside the largest / most important building.

Additional Information

Social Structure

A class-based social structure based on ones wealth, stature, and bloodline.

Facial characteristics

Basic human features and variety of facial aesthetics.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Majority of the population is in the Capital, with smaller populations spread throughout the Kingdom in various villages and camps. Humans often travel to other Kingdoms / live in them thanks to their good relations.

Average Intelligence

Basic reading and writing, most humans wont know things outside of their respective career.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Sight, Taste, Smell, Touch, Hearing

Symbiotic and Parasitic organisms

Humans have domesticated the wolves of the nearby forests, leading to several homes having dogs / several dogs working jobs in the human Capital / Villages.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

The Kanine; the elite guard of Lord Boof, decked in canine-themed armors and weapons, and trained as both bodyguards and caregivers.
The Templars; a religious group devoted to championing the teachings of The Goddess, the ancient one that raised them and gave them the values that they now carry today. They travel through both their own kingdom and others, using basic sealing magic to remove of any threatening evils.

Beauty Ideals

Due to the mosh pit of species that make up their population, human beauty ideals have spread to include other species, even those that they aren't compatible with. Different humans value different things in potential mates, and vary greatly.

Gender Ideals

The wide variance of minor races and mixed cultures has created an "if you push hard enough, you can get what you want" society, resulting in any potential race or gender being able to do what they wish.

Courtship Ideals

For inter-human relationships, they tend to default to exchanging specialized jewelry, be it rings, necklaces, brooches, etc. If the partner is a non-human, they'll tend to either partake in their cultures marriage rites, or incorporate a part of their culture into the jewelry exchange.

Relationship Ideals

Adultery is frowned upon, and families are expected to stay true, with how many children being had per family being a constant discussion thanks to the large amount of inter-species relations many of the minor factions and humans are having, often incompatible for children. This leads to quite a few adoptions taking place. Exact reasoning for marriage and what they want out of one vary between the minor faction and human cultures, but most round out to simply wanting someone who can care for them and their offspring / adopted offspring.

Average Technological Level

Glass blowing, Brewing, Reading and writing, ink, printing press, cannons and basic gunpowder, alchemy, minor magic, wells, basic medicine, etc - More advanced medieval era

Major Language Groups and Dialects

The minor factions adapted and assimilated a majority of the human language into theirs, and while most still speak their native language as a second language, the large majority of individuals in the human kingdom speak the human language; the same one taught to them by the Bloom Serpents, who in turn were taught their language by the dragons.


The humans began to rise once the seal was forged in their region, on a large stone slab in a grassy plain. Interested in the developments of the strange pink things, one of the dragons began to look after and rear this fledgling race. It's not known what happened to or where she went, but the texts, paintings and stories of her evolved eventually into a religion; The Goddess. Focused on preserving the same teaching she gave to the early humans, The Templars patrol their and the neighboring kingdoms to put down and use basic sealing magic to contain any potential evil. Like with how she reared them, the humans began to take care of and domesticate several of the creatures they shared the land with from an early age, gaining dogs, horses, and assimilating other fledgling minor factions / races into theirs.

Historical Figures

Lord Boof, the greatest King that's ever ruled the Human Kingdom.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Mostly positive species with most of the other factions / minor factions thanks to the original teachings of their goddess / maintaining good trade relations.

90 Years - Both Genders
Average Height
5'6" - Females || 6'0" - Males
Average Weight
160Lbs - Females || 190 - Males
Average Physique
Basic physique, very few large people and physique can improve depending on career choice.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Human Kingdom humans have a whiter skin tone, with smaller pockets of outside-kingdom humans potentially having varied skin tones. Hair varies from Blacks,Browns,Reds and blondes.

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