A smaller, subterranean faction of Anthropomorphic Rabbits that resides under the cold stone of the North. They live in naturally-formed caverns, using chisels to carve out their homes and culture. Large frost ore veins are deep underground near their home, leading to them becoming extremely proficient at harvesting and manipulating it, allowing it to be used in clothing and accessories, and changing its properties through alchemy to allow it to have different uses or have different effects. Because they don't have a blacksmith, they don't have any frost ore tools, nor do they mine their own tunnels. They lack currency, instead trading in goods, labor or favors among themselves; They have a very proud sense of community. The caverns they call home offer significantly more humidity then the outside, allowing for the plant life they grow and consume to grow larger then usual. Most of their resources and advancements have been thanks to the underground grove in a cavern nearby to their home; supplying them with valuable wood, plants, food, and a creature they domesticated for foraging and companionship. Lapinids have a habit of thumping their feet, an unconscious body reaction to many emotions, feelings, etc.

Basic Information

Anatomy & Morphology

Humanoid, Digitigrade legs, large paw feet, paw hands, strong legs, large ears, snouts

Biological Traits

Extremely strong legs that allow for powerful kicks and high/far leaps, and landing safely from high places.

Genetics and Reproduction

Male & Female Mammal Reproduction, shorter pregnancy period, faster maturation rate, 1-3 kits

Growth Rate & Stages

They grow fast, reaching maturation quicker then humans, but have shorter life span for it. Reaches full maturity at 16.

Ecology and Habitats

They reside underground in naturally-formed caverns and tunnels, moving between them with their long jumps, or sticking wooden poles into the walls with their strong kicks to use as "steps"

Dietary Needs and Habits

They get water from the Glacial underflows that pass nearby, grow northern vegetable / fruit crops taken from the surface, and gather a variety of cavern plants and mushrooms

Additional Information

Social Structure

The prominent members of the village (those who run the stores or farms, have earned respect either through action or wisdom) gather in the main hall to discuss matters that effect the village.

Facial characteristics

Rabbit face with a prominent snout, big eyes, big ears

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Located in a single village in the far north of morven, near and under Steinnmundr

Average Intelligence

Properly Educated, Mathematics, Reading, Etc

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Amazing hearing, sight, good smell, touch, taste

Civilization and Culture

Beauty Ideals

Big ears, Strong Legs, Hips

Gender Ideals

The safety of the caverns (no need for warriors or defenders), their herbivore diet (no need for hunters), and the effort required to travel around the caverns (jumping between ledges, climbing, jumping between climbing poles) has led to both genders taking similar jobs and having similar, strong-legged physiques.

Courtship Ideals

A common sign of affection / courtship between two Lapinids is the gift of a frost-ore accessory, be it jewelry, a piercing, a brooch, etc. The shape of the gift usually pertains to the interests of the receiver.

Relationship Ideals

Lapinids mate for life; thanks to the safety of the caverns and the lack of predators, they decide their partners based on mutual interest and how well they get along, instead of the usual survival-traits or species improvement.

Common Taboos

Interaction with other groups was viewed as dangerous and taboo, until the forced interaction with Steinnmundr, which eventually dissolved this fear.


Refugees from a forgotten disaster, they arrived several generations before the Northerners, settling into the caverns and building their homes. Finding a suitable cavern to call their home, they began exploring the surrounding areas, finding other caverns connected via tunnels. Close to their home was an underground grove, that drank from the glacial waters and got light from a hole in the northern cliff face, obscured by several large rocks. This grove, and several of the surrounding caverns, were host to many various plants, mushrooms, and minor life, providing ample supplies for the Lapinids to learn alchemy. They soon discovered that in mixing one of or a mix of these ingredients with chunks of frost ore could have variations on its properties; causing it to grow brighter as a light source / making it safe to handle / turned into a dye-like substance / crystallized into "frost shards" / etc.   The Lapinids found that the larger caverns were home to a large bear-like creature with claws and teeth of frost, with terrifying blue eyes. They avoided these large areas, instead sticking to the higher up / smaller tunnels and caverns.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Eventually gets discovered by the Steinnmundites, forcing them to participate in negotiations that turned profitable and positive for both groups, as they traded frost-ore secrets and goods / culture.

Genetic Descendants
Evolved from Rabbits
70 Years
Average Height
5'5" (Both Genders, Not Including Ears)
Average Weight
90Lbs (females) 100Lbs (males)
Average Physique
Short, Lithe, Lightly Toned, Strong Legs / Thighs / Calves
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Usually a darker outer tone with a softer underbelly tone, or all single tone. Tones vary from White, Grey, Black, Browns, Khaki/Creams.


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