How Powers Work

A majority (estimated to be 97%) of the people born world-wide are either powerless, or have minor powers. These people have simple, low-strength or very straight foward powers, that are not very powerful; emitting small flames / liquids / gasses from fingertips or palms, people having a nonhuman appearance from an animal power, like a dog-woman, snake-man, etc. People can have the same or similar powers, but in different variants or capacities; one snake-man might simply look like a snake, while another can spit poisonous venom or constrict. The remaining 3% of the population receive what are known as "super-powers"; powers that are unique and have different traits or properties from the majority, or possess incredible power. A smaller percentage of both the lesser and super powers are made up of one of two groups; genetically altered humans from other attempts at a cure for the disease (often resulting in strength and other physical improvements to the point of counting as a power, and cyborg / robotic / augmented people, enhancing them in various ways enough to allow them "power" status.


Children born to individuals who received the (CURE) inherited a mutation in their genes causing a random mutagen, completely unpredictable as to what it could change or to what level. Children born to mutated parents would often receive a mutation similar to either parent, or a mix of both.


Due to (DISEASE) becoming rampant throughout a majority of the world, scientists worked overtime on attempting to create a cure. One was formulated, and immediately shipped worldwide; but it was done with minimal testing, and had serious side effects. The offspring of those that used the cure had the potential to gain powers, an event that shaped the world for years to come.


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