|| Brynjar || Nuan ||

The Trapper || Envoy

Childhood friend of Ivar, Brynjar is a Hunter for Steinnmundr, setting himself apart from the others from his traps and clever tactics, becoming envoy for his people to the Lapinids || A talented alchemist and envoy between her people and the northerners, Nuan becomes one of the few Lapinids to spend time above ground (with her domesticated moth, Rong)

Physical Description

Body Features

White Skin, scars on his fingers || Grey fur, cream-colored underbelly

Facial Features

Vendel-Style Helmet || Rabbit Face and snout, large eyes, whiskers

Physical quirks

Nothing || Powerful legs allowing for incredible mobility, Large ears for great hearing

Apparel & Accessories

1 hunting spear with prongs to stop it from going deep, frostite spearhead
1 round shield, medium size, worn on a strap around his shoulder; arm strap and hand grip, sheath for sword on the underside of the shield
1 sword or short sword, sheathed on the underside of the round shield, under the arm straps
1 hunting / carving knife , worn on belt
pouch containing rope, map, writing tools for marking the map, trap-making tools and traps
vendel-style helmet and rivet chain coif
under-armor riveted chain link and leather armor
|| Comfortable robes, detailed with treated frost ore
wooden walking stick with brightened frost-ore stone lantern hanging from the top
Wood / steel crank crossbow gifted from steinnmundr smiths
cavern moth pet, raised by paw since her youth for foraging for ingrediants and food

Specialized Equipment

Sword and Shield, Sword and Spear, Spear Throwing, Cartography, Trap-making, Hunting || Mobility, Crossbow, Alchemy, Foraging

Biological Sex
Male || Female
Dark Blue || Light Purple
Short-Cut Brown || Grey and Cream Fur
6'5" || 5'2"
200Lbs || 95Lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Fuck, forgot that was sharp" || "Again, Really?"


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