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Factory Castle Alpha

A large factory turned castle, Scrapback Services has built upon the original structure. Using scrap metal and as much Pureloy they could gather, the structure now stands double its normal height and houses not only the Scrapking and his most loyal subjects, but also a more professional, better equipped Back Breaker regiment called the Royal Hammers.


The tall walls that surround the main structure are built on the surrounding streets. Various tall umbrellas made of cast off metal are used to keep the Black Snow from covering every inch of the surrounding area. Outposts manned by small teams of Royal Hammers are built into the buildings surrounding the factories. The gate that leads through the defensive walls is made of Pureloy, and hatches found in the ramparts above the gate itself can allow guards to dump refined Black Snow onto attackers, which can be ignited to burn invaders.


Most of the inhabitants are craftsmen, manufacturing weapons, furniture, tools and more for their own personal use and to be traded with outsiders and other Scrapback Services settlements. They rely on other settlements for food and clean water, as well as shipments of Black Snow to be refined by the machines built within Factory Castle Alpha.


The factory itself is only 40 feet tall, but due to the renovations of Scrapback Services, it now towers at 75 feet tall. The whole structure is powered by a vat full of Cordeels found underneath the factory itself. While the machines and devices found within are inoperable, the newly installed machines built by Scrapback Services do in fact work. Weapons and tools of high quality are manufactured here by the best craftsmen the Scrapbacks have and the machines they've built.
Alternative Name(s)
Headquarters, King's Throne, The First Factory
Five hundred individuals, 30% of those individuals are members of the Royal Hammers.
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
Northern Junkaran
Owning Organization
Scrapback Services

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