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Chosians are a sapient species of humanoids. They are spread far and wide across the world. Since they lack implants or bio-mechanical components, this is often considered a remarkable thing. With how hostile the world can be, its impressive that the Chosians managed to survive in so many environments. If one was to describe them with only a handful of words one could say "they're the humans of Scrapworld," despite humans not existing in the setting.

Basic Information

Anatomy & Morphology

Chosians stand around five to six feet tall, with two arms and two legs. Skin tones vary between individuals, though not by a significant degree. Individuals can be pale white, grey, black, dark green and pale green. Two forward facing eyes give them average sight, with ear-holes found on the sides of their head. They also have a small, flat nose on their face, though it varies in size and shape between individuals. They possess luminescent marks on their shoulders, the skin around their collar bones glow slightly. Their eyes also glow slightly, the same color as the markings on their shoulders. They possess no hair on their bodies. Typically, they also possess a brighter colors of skin on their hands and faces, to aid in identifying individuals. The colors an individual possess is based on their parents, usually a similar shade of color. They possess five fingers and toes on their hands and feet.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Their sight, hearing, sense of smell, touch and taste are all perfectly average, equivalent to a humans own senses.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Chosian names usually are made up of a first name and a last name, though the society a Chosian is raised in can influence this greatly.

Average Technological Level

Most Chosian societies possess a medieval understanding of technology. Spears, swords, shields and bows, as well as handmade clothing and other such necessities. Although, this is also tempered by their environment. Chosians from Scrapback Services, for example, have a better understanding of metal working and understand the Ancients well enough to operate their less complex machinery.

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