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Drugs and Alcohol

Legality Rarity Die Type Cost Drug Die
Legal N/A Mild 50 gold 1d20
Legal N/A Moderate 75 gold 1d12
Legal N/A Strong 100 gold 1d8
Illegal n/a Mild 75 gold 1d12
Illegal 1d4 Moderate 125 gold 1d8
Illegal 1d8 Strong 175 gold 1d4

  Whether a drug is legal or illegal governs its cost, availability, and how safe it is. Illegal drugs cost more, are less available and more dangerous.
Rarity Die
  This only applies to illegal drugs because certain drugs will be more difficult to obtain from an illegal source. When you roll the rarity die, if it lands on the highest or lowest number on the die, the drug is in stock. Otherwise, the source does not have it.
  The strength of drugs can be mild, moderate, or strong. This governs how strong the effects are on the user and, accordingly, how likely it is for someone to have a "bad trip."
Drug Die
  This die determines whether you have a "bad trip" when you take a drug.   The first time you take a drug, a bad trip occurs if you roll the highest number on the die. If you take the drug again before a long rest, you have a bad trip if you roll the highest or lowest number on the die. If you take a different drug the second time, the same rules apply, but using that drug's drug die.   The type of bad trip someone has is based on the drug they took. Usually, there is still some benefit from the drug, but the downsides are significantly worse.

Legal Drugs

Bitterleaf Tincture   Blaze   Bloodpurge
Fairy Grass   Dindle's Shield   Heartbreak Berries
Muze   Winter's Breath

Illegal Drugs

Basilisk Powder   Blue   Boggle Blood
Light Speed   Reader's Resin   Spike
Vampire Dust


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