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More Alchemical Elixirs and Preparations

Elixirs of Utility: Fantasy Alchemists Do More than Potions

  By S. John Ross   The repertoire of the alchemist as defined by GURPS Magic is varied and useful, but a few important things are missing. The elixirs therein are limited to those creations which affect living things directly, but traditional fantasy alchemists could produce far more. Three of these "utilitarian'' alchemical products are detailed here.  


  Foul, bubbling concoctions that dissolve steel or flesh; these are powerful and useful items. They are always liquid; ignore the rules for elixir forms. One dose'' of alchemical acid (about an ounce) will do 3d+15 damage to the object or creature it is poured upon, if care is taken to apply it in a single location (you can't just throw it on). Application takes 5 seconds per ounce. Taking less time causes acid to splash away wastefully, which can also be dangerous! Tossing an ounce of acid on a living thing will do only 1d+2 damage if successful. DR applies for both living things and inanimate objects (see p.B125 for the attributes of various inanimate objects). Thus, it would take an average of 2 doses to get through an inch of steel cable. One dose will ruin the average lock. Glassware is generally immune to alchemical acids, so it can be stored safely! Exposure to air will give a -1 per dose damage penalty per hour. $70 in materials; 2 weeks. Cost: $400/$700.  

Magic Glue

  This strange adhesive is common in fantasy novels and games, more often for humor than utility, but it can be useful. It is difficult to make and expensive, and must be kept tightly sealed. A dose'' of Glue is an amount sufficient to coat about 100 square inches (this process takes 1 second per 5 square inches. The cost of the Glue includes a 1'' wide brush which must be thrown away after a single use). 2d+30 seconds after being exposed to air, the Glue will dry, bonding permanently any objects joined by it, even if they are exceptionally porous. Note that the bond is often stronger than the things being bonded! You could Glue a hobgoblin to the ceiling by his hair, but the hobgoblin would still fall (ouch). The bond can only be dissolved by an anti-elixir, which is as difficult and costly to make as the Glue, but quicker (only a week). $900 in materials; 2 weeks; -1 to skill. Cost: $1,250/$4,400.  

Smoke Bombs

  A liquid that, when exposed to air, forms a dark, oily cloud that obscures vision. Commonly sold to traveling magicians for impressing the naive, these have an obvious use to adventurers! They are sold in the forms of small bottles, which may either be opened for effect or thrown, grenade-style, to be broken on the ground. Either method produces the same effect: the cloud immediately fills the hex it is opened in, and grows larger each round by 1 hex (see p.B150 for an illustration of this). It grows until it has attained a 5-hex diameter (the 3'' in the illustration). Smaller clouds can often be specified when purchasing from the alchemist, at the same cost. The cloud is about 3 yards tall, and totally obscures vision in it and through it (treat as total darkness, a -10 penalty to attacks). The cloud will last 15 seconds in still air before thinning out (the cloud rises when it thins, it does not spread outward). If it is important, assume the cloud loses one penalty level per 5 seconds after 15 (thus, it takes 65 seconds to completely dissapear). The cloud can be moved with air spells or steady breezes; the effects of this are left to the GM. $30 in materials; 2 days; +3 to skill. Cost: $80/$530.  

Lesser Elixirs

  Another good way to broaden the capabilities of the Alchemist is to permit the creation of lesser versions of existing elixirs. Simply reduce the time to make the elixir relative to the reduced effectiveness. Thus, a death elixir doing 1d instead of 4d would take 4 days instead of two weeks. Material costs do not change. Always round to the worst for the alchemist or customer in time or effectiveness. No skill modifiers.  

Other Mundane Items

  Aromatic oils
Flash powder
Food preservatives
Fuel Oils
Make up
Medicinal poultices
Nausea gas
Stink bombs
Water purification chemicals
+ Other ordinary stuff of a chemical nature  


(Alternative name: Sparkle Sand)   Used primarily as a kind of firework, it's also useful to disrupt an Orc's IR vision. While relatively bright, it's not normally blinding. But to one who can see heat, as well, it causes a "Whiting out" effect, temporarily blinding an Orc for a few seconds, but more importantly, ruining their "night sight", so they can't see faint heat signatures as well, such as footprints. It allows someone to actually get away from an Orc who is following. Treat as a Flash spell, but with the weakest effects.   Duration: Several seconds
Form: Silvery grey sand like material
Cost: $60/$100
Recipe: $200; 4 weeks; defaults to Alchemy-3.

Potions, Lotions, and Other Alchemical Concoctions

(these primarily come from the Arduin Grimoire Books, by David Hargrave)  

Potion of the Eyes of the Overworld

(Alternative names: Rainbow Eyes, Psychedelic Seeing Potion, Eyes of Madness)   The potion is a luminescent rainbow of swirling colors which no two people will describe the same way, and has a vivid smell of hot iron and a taste not unlike strawberry jam laced with coffee (or so it is said). This potion, when drunk by a living being, will give said being "The Eyes and Sight of the Overworld". This means that they will be able to see the entire spectrum of colors from infrared to ultraviolet (critical successes may extend the range see all things invisible, see through all things illusory (will still see the illusion as a transparency), and will be able to see any noncorporeal beings. This happens in 1d seconds after ingestion and is so sudden that many beings are driven mad by the welter of new images, how old images are warped and different, how the colors have changed, and so on. Once taken, the effects will last for one hour, plus 10d6 minutes, without control or let up of any kind. Make a fright check at -6, +1 for each other time the potion has been used by the subject.   Each dose requires $900 in rare materials to concoct and the manufacture will take 88 days regardless of the size of the batch. Each dose is 1 oz. The maker needs to be there for the first and last four days only.   Once completed, this stuff will retain its full potency for decades if it is kept cool and away from direct sunlight (which will, over a period of a few days, render the potion inert).
  Duration: 1 hour + 10d6 minutes
Form: Potion only
Cost: $4500/$8050
Recipe: $400; 12 weeks; defaults to Alchemy-5.

Calicraxes' Wax

(Alternative Name: Everwax, Glowcoat)   Any candle made from this deep purple colored wax will burn for 10 times the normal duration and at triple the brightness of a normal one. The ingredients (not including the purest of beeswaxes) needed to make this special wax are somewhat common and rather easily obtained. It costs $50 to make (per pound; each pound will make a 3” pillar candle that will burn for 800 hours). It takes 2 hours to mix up a batch, and 23 days to set properly before use. Once set, it will last for an unlimited amount of time without losing its efficacy.
Duration: Indefinite
Form: solid wax
Cost: $80/$160
Recipe: $50; 3 weeks; defaults to Alchemy-1.    

Glittering Lotion of the Basilisk

(Alternative names: Goldarmor, Mirrormask, Itcharmor)   Looks like a clear, gel-like unguent with minute specks of real gold dust suspended throughout. When rubbed into living flesh, said flesh becomes utterly immune to any and all petrification effects. This protection will last 1d days, depending upon how vigorously the location is brushed against, dunked in water, and so on (a bath will take it right off). In addition, a side effect is an itching sensation (-1 to DX skills), but this is due to the fact that it adds two levels of the Toughness advantage (giving DR +2). This itchiness is fine as long as there is something to distract the user, but once they have quiet time, the itching is really obnoxious.   It takes some 20 ounces of the stuff to totally cover an average sized human being and said amount requires $2000 worth of materials and 62 days of work. The materials for this (except the gold) are extremely rare and very little of this stuff is ever available.
Duration: 1d days, less if rubbed off or washed off.
Form: Ointment
Cost: $2600/$5100 per 20 oz.
Recipe: $600; 9 weeks; defaults to Alchemy-3  

Liquid Wind Potion

(Alternative names: Air Jar, Instant Air, Jar of Breezes)   This mildly fruity smelling, pale lavender liquid will become "air" about 3d seconds after its airtight container is opened. The "air" will be of sufficient force to blow leaves and other, similar light materials about easily up to about 30' distant from the container's exit per each one ounce dose thus used. The air is of sufficient volume to totally fill a 10' diameter balloon with 15 lbs/square inch pressure (14.7 lbs/sq inch is normal for Earth at sea level). The air exits immediately once it has been "catalyzed" and mixes with the surrounding atmosphere without further ado. It is nontoxic.   The more released at the same time, the stronger the wind effect; but containers strong enough to withstand this must be used. Also remember that every action has an equal and opposite reaction, so it makes a pretty good last ditch propulsion device.   Each ounce costs $80 to produce, and requires 5 days to "distill the air" (regardless of amount made). Once created, the liquid (if kept in airtight containers) will keep indefinitely.
Duration: Instantaneous
Form: Potion
Cost: $180/$350.
Recipe: $200; 5 days; defaults to Alchemy-4  

Chameleon Paint

(Alternative names: Polychrome Paint, Backgrounder, Active Camouflage, Cammy)   This clear liquid has the amazing property of letting whatever is coated with it assume the exact coloration and patterns of its surroundings.This transformation needs approximately 100 seconds for all subdued or dull colors and about 150 seconds for bright or metallic ones to fully "come up", so it is good for relatively stationary objects, not ones that move about a lot. One ounce will permanently coat a square 4" on a side (16 sq inches) and, once dry, will remain potent and effective forever so long as it is not worn or scratched away. It is waterproof, but needs a hard surface on which to set (it won't work on cloth or other porous materials; lacquered wood is okay, but not untreated wood). It needs approximately 100 hours to completely "set/dry" in a normal climate and a damp atmosphere can lengthen this time considerably.   Each 100 ounces costs $1,100 in materials to concoct, and the stuff (regardless of size of batch) needs two weeks to make. However, the maker needs only be present during the first four and the last two days of the process. The materials are fairly easy to get but not in overly large amounts.
Duration: Permanent until worn/scratched off
Form: Potion
Cost: $250/$450 per oz.
Recipe: $300; 2 weeks; defaults to Alchemy-3  

Liquid of Lasting Luminescence

(Alternative names: Glow Juice, Liquid Sun, Liquid Light)   This yellow-gold colored liquid glows brightly and continually for up to 2 years after its manufacture. Anything soaked in it will also glow for so long as the liquid, which is water soluble, is not washed away. A torch head sized object will have the luminescence of a 15 watt light bulb. It takes some six ounces to thoroughly wet such an object. The larger the area (and the more liquid used) the brighter the results, but only up to a maximum equivalent to a 60 watt light bulb (on an area the size of a basketball). If larger areas are covered, there is no increase in intensity in the area shedding the light.   Each 100 ounce batch, which is the largest practical amount that can be manufactured at one time, has a cost of $300 to make. The materials are rather common. If stored in an airtight, vacuum-packed container, it will last for many years (theoretically; no one has had a sample go unused for so long), but it only glows in the presence of air (so sealed glass globes won't work, unless there are air holes).
Duration: Up to 2 years
Form: Potion
Cost: $80/$120 per 6 oz.
Recipe: $100; 2 days; defaults to Alchemy-2  

Potion of the Golden Poison Elimination

This translucent golden liquid has a faint glow to it, an aroma like "wild flowers in bloom", and tastes like sweet cherry wine. Each one ounce dose, when ingested by any living being up to 250 lbs in mass, will cause said being to "Throw out and cast up" all poisons, venoms, and other "foreign and harmful matter" that might reside within them. The effect is nearly instantaneous, will affect stuff up to 6d potency total, and has absolutely no bad side effects save the puking, sweating out of "nastiness", and so on. This will continue approximately three minutes. This stuff will not regenerate wounds, give back HT lost to poison, etc., but it will neutralize any toxins left in the drinker's system, cause all diseases (magical ones get to make a contest of their skill level of power vs the HT of subject) to go into permanent remission, and so on. It will even eliminate alcohol and any drugs from the drinker's system.   It is such a difficult concoction to produce (-8 to skill roll) that each seven dose batch (no more, no less) requires 10 weeks of work to complete and $2,000 worth of materials. During the manufacture, the maker needs to be there for the first twelve days and then for three consecutive days every month thereafter (spaced about 25 days apart).   The materials are extremely rare, not easily found, and, when they are, usually only enough for the one batch each year or two. Once made, the stuff will last forever if kept sealed in an air-tight, non-ferrous metal container.
Duration: Instantaneous
Form: Potion
Cost: $750/$1150.
Recipe: $600; 10 weeks; defaults to Alchemy-8.  

Mystic Sticky Mist

(Alternative names: Glue Juice, Glue Cloud, Glue Gas)   A ugly "vomit-looking" (and smelling), quasi-lumpy viscous liquid that will, 10d seconds after exposure to air, erupt into a nauseating cloud of "nasty-colored" mist some 10' across its globular area per each four ounces used. This mist will persist for 6d seconds, coating everything within its area with a sticky film, and is treated as if it was the result of a Stench spell (HT roll or take 1d damage; and it suffocates as well, but won't really last long enough to finish the job). Suddenly, the mist disappears, and everything that was covered with the sticky film is now stuck together. Boots stick to floors, clothes to clothes, armor glued tightly into place, arrows stuck to bows, people stuck together, etc. It requires a ST-5 roll to break the seals (one per second). Note that mouths can be sealed shut (or eyes) if that's the way they were when the mist disappeared and the "glue" set.   All of this will last for 1d hours, then will commence to "unset" over a period of about 10 minutes, finally dissolving into a smelly smoke leaving no trace of itself behind. Each dose (4 ounces) requires $4550 worth of materials to make and a complex manufacturing process lasting 220 hours. No more than twelve ounces can be made in any single batch. Once made, the stuff will remain fully operational forever so long as no air gets to it. All materials are available in somewhat rare amounts.
Duration: 1d hours
Form: Potion, pastille
Cost: $5800/$6200.
Recipe: $500; 9 days; defaults to Alchemy-5  

Calicraxes' Lamp Oil

Essentially a slow-burning, much brighter lantern fuel that looks like wine, smells like roast beef (greatly so while burning) and which will last seven times longer than normal lamp oil while giving off twice its luminescence. This fuel will not float on top of water (sinking to the bottom) and is three times harder to smother/extinguish as regular lantern fuel; however, the stuff burns only half as hot! Regular lamp oil burns at a rate of about 35 hours/pint, so a pint of Calicraxes' Lamp Oil will burn for 245 hours.   Its alchemical components are easily obtainable and in most any quantity needed. Once produced, it remains usable indefinitely. The average cost to make the stuff is about $250 per pint and the time to do so (regardless of the amount involved) is 75 hours during which time the alchemist need be present only at the first and last two hours.   Duration: 245 hours per pint of total burning time
Form: Potion/oil
Cost: $250/$350 per pint
Recipe: $100; 3 days; defaults to Alchemy-1    

Air Pills

(Alternative names: Lung Drops, Breathers, Breath Assure)   These dark maroon-colored, pea-sized "pills" will, when swallowed by a live being of generally man-sized proportions, provide him with all the "air" he may need for ten hours plus or minus 10%. No more than one at a time can be safely taken but as many as desired may be taken in series, ad infinitum. Bluntly put, the pills supply oxygen directly into the user's bloodstream and all other "needful places as required by a body".   Each pill requires about two days time and some $250 in materials to manufacture (at a -2 skill penalty). The ingredients are relatively common and readily attainable by even the lowliest of alchemists . . . if they have the money. Each pill retains potency for approximately 450 days after manufacture. An alchemist can make 8 pills per batch.   Duration: About 10 hours
Form: Pill
Cost: $380/$460 per pill
Recipe: $200; 2 days; defaults to Alchemy-3    

Potion of Fire and Ice

(Alternative name: Icy Hot)   This grey-green potion smells like orange peels and has a slippery or "soapy" feel. When exposed to air, it will, in 6d+20 seconds, erupt into (first) an intense fire of 1d potency per ounce used per square foot covered and then (6 seconds after ignition) the fire will simply disappear instantly and the burned over areas will immediately "frost over" with intense cold of 1d-1 intensity per ounce used per square foot covered, lasting for another 6 seconds. If you want it to spread, you'd better do it fast! Each ounce covers one square foot of surface and costs $500 to create during a 99 hour manufacturing operation in which the maker must constantly participate. Once thus made, it will maintain its full potency for years if kept mixed together (i.e., shake the bottle every day) at all times. Failure to do this will allow it to separate into its primary components and become unstable — so unstable, in fact, that if it is then later shaken, it will detonate in an 3d explosion per ounce! This, incidentally, makes a lousy grenade (since the act of throwing it makes it explode, killing the thrower) but a good trap and a good siege weapon....   Due to the rapid temperature change, metals and ceramics take double damage from the cold effects.   The materials for it are scarce and no more than 51-100 ounces are ever made each year. Note also that the process is an involved and complex one.   Duration: 12 seconds of active effect
Form: Potion
Cost: $760/$920 per ounce.
Recipe: $400; 4 days; defaults to Alchemy-6  

Ultimate Makeup

(Alternate names: Flesh Putty, Artificial Flesh, Fake Skin)   This flesh colored and putty-like substance can be formed into any shape, dyed, etc., and, once "set" onto a face or other part of a living body, will be 99% indistinguishable from the real, living thing except under the minutest of examinations. It will move naturally, feel natural, warm, and "lifelike", is not affected by water or common liquids, and, in all ways, will appear "real". The problem with it it that it is actually a two-part item. The "pseudo-flesh" and the "setting spray" that makes it become permanently set in shape. It is this spray which also nearly permanently bonds it to the real flesh as well and only a soaking for 2d minutes in a slightly modified "un-setting" liquid will enable it to be removed. At this time, it begins to break down into its basic component substances and is never again usable.   This stuff costs $900 per pound to produce and needs about three days of continually watched work to do so. Once done, it will last indefinitely until used. The materials are fairly common and easily obtained in reasonable amounts. The setting and unsetting liquids cost about $600 per quart to make (at -1 to skill) from readily available materials and may be made in any size batch in twenty hours of work and potency is retained indefinitely. One ounce of liquid is used for each six ounces of the putty material.   Duration: Permanent until dissolved with the spray
Form: Putty-like substance.
Cost: $350/$460 per 6 oz. for the flesh, $120 per oz. of spray.
Recipe: $200; 5 days; defaults to Alchemy-3 for the "flesh", Alchemy-1 for the sprays.  

Panic Buttons

(Alternative names: Flashbangs, Melty Disks, Thief Melters)   These dime sized and shaped small orange "buttons" are fairly difficult to manufacture (-4 to skill). They are extremely sensitive to pressure directly applied to them (as in being stepped on/sat on by even the smallest child) and, when so agitated will explode.   The resultant alchemical explosion is a five-fold effect within a 2 yard radius area some 7-9' in height. The first and most notable effect is the very loud "BOOM!" (equivalent to a modern grenade in loudness the second, simultaneous with the first, is the "FLASH!" which is about the intensity of a large camera flashbulb; the last trio of effects happen about one fifth of a second later, all together. They are: a horrid stench so intense as to cause all normal humanoids to immediately gasp, gag, and suffer stomach convulsions (treat as a combination of nauseated and retching, see page B428 an intense itching that effects all living flesh as if they were covered by thousands of crawling insects (treat as an Itch spell and lastly, the effect of a hallucination that everyone in the area is melting (which is really freaky and gross, causing a -3 on your HT roll to resist retching)!   Each button requires $1400 in materials and nine days time to manufacture. The maker must be there the entire time and no more than three such alchemical buttons may be made in any single batch without the danger of their exploding all on their own (-1d per each extra button to skill, a failure results in an explosion). Once made, they will last indefinitely, if handled carefully.   The materials needed to make them are not common but can usually be found by diligent and persistent alchemists in amounts large enough to produce six to ten of them each year.   Duration: Instantaneous
Form: Pressure sensitive Pastille
Cost: $2000/$2400.
Recipe: $300; 9 days; defaults to Alchemy-3  

Skin Armor

(Alternative names: Elephant Hide, Armor Ointment)   This mud-looking, semi-viscous liquid smells like sweaty feet and has a taste reminiscent of half ripe persimmons (or so say those who have tasted this alchemical concoction). Each six ounce dose, when ingested by a living being causes said being to immediately have +6 Hits for 24 hours. Note however, that there must be a one hundred hour gap between each being's usage of this stuff or they will suffer a -6 hit drop for 100 hours. Once ingested, it requires but 10 seconds to work and please note that it won't raise the dead and such. The subject must be alive and all wounds stay wounds (i.e., they won't heal, as this is not a healing potion). Basically, the potion works thusly: it creates an extra epidermal coating which functions in two ways. One, it creates a kind of ablative armor. Two, it reduces systemic shock. Together, these two effects allow one to gain six hits.   Each dose needs $1400 worth of materials and eleven days time to concoct. It can be made in any sized batch, and, once done, will remain potent (if tightly sealed away from light) for years. The materials are readily available in moderate amounts but the process is complex and requires nearly constant attention.   Duration: 1 day
Form: Ointment
Cost: $2100/$2600.
Recipe: $400; 11 days; defaults to Alchemy-5  

Crawling Horror

(Alternative names: Formless Spawn, Creeping Slime, Creeping Goo, Stringy Thingy)   This practically harmless stuff can be manufactured in any color desired from black to day-glo orange. It is something that, once concocted, seems to have a life all its own as it will crawl, shudder, quiver, and "wander about" leaving slimy trails everywhere, moving like Venom's costume in Spiderman 3. It is attracted to life and will always head towards the locus of most life first. It moves with a speed of 1 and, having no real life, cannot itself be killed.   If you bash or chop it up, the little pieces simply continue crawling towards the life source, eventually merging back together enroute. However, alcohol will dissolve it and fire will dry it out into a nonfunctional powder (just add water!). While it isn't truly harmful or toxic, it can smother someone, or perhaps frighten someone to death. One pound of it is about the size of a softball or small cantaloupe but the materials for its manufacture are so common that once an alchemist has figured out the formula, they usually produce it in 100 lb "man-sized" batches. Such a batch would cost $200 in materials and two days time to make but the alchemist must stay awake and monitor the entire process lest the stuff attempt to crawl away at the wrong time and destroy itself (requires a Will roll — if the will roll is failed, the alchemist falls asleep and the beastie gets out and leaves a mess on the floor, ruining the process). The materials are common enough that the alchemist shouldn't have any problem acquiring any amount they may need up to about 1000 lbs a year.   There is no control over the stuff and it will remain active for about three years if kept in a sealed container or about three weeks if left out to roam about on its own. When it dies, it turns into a stinking pus-like mass practically instantaneously. There are legends of mysterious variants of this stuff that become vampiric in nature and sucks the life out of anything it manages to catch. But you know how legends are....   Duration: 3 weeks
Form: Stringy protoplasmic pseudolife
Cost: $380/$450.
Recipe: $200; 2 days; defaults to Alchemy-3 and a Will roll  

Yellow Mellowness

(Alternative names: Bliss Rave)   Of such ancient lineage, it is not now known who actually first invented this creamy yellow liquid that smells and tastes like over-ripe pumpkin. The stuff, when ingested by any living creature (up to 50 lbs per ounce ingested) causes them to become exceedingly receptive to most any suggestion (if they are sentient) made to them for the 3d * 30 seconds of its effects. Nonsentient creatures simply lay or sit down and don't feel like moving or doing much of anything so long as they are not bothered in any way. This stuff affects everything from mammals to reptiles to insects but will not affect fish, dragons, demonkind, or similar creatures of an alien or highly magical nature.   The duration does not increase with quantity and, once used upon a creature, it will thereafter never again have any effect on them. A curious side effect of this substance is that when it has worn off, the recipients tend (HT-3 to resist) to go into stark raving mad berserk rages lasting 5d*3 minutes.   Each ounce costs $240 worth of materials to manufacture and the process of doing so, regardless of the amount, takes 130 hours from start to finish. The maker must be present during the first thirty and the last five hours of this time to successfully finish the product. The materials are, while not really rare, not overly abundant either. Thus only some 11-20 ounces of the liquid is produced every year. Once made, it lasts decades without any loss of potency.   Duration: 3d*30 seconds, typically about 5 minutes
Form: Potion, pastille
Cost: $1400/$1600 per 4 oz.
Recipe: $200; 6 days; defaults to Alchemy-1  

Zoom Zoom Liquid

(Alternative names: Squeed, Speed Squeeze, Zoom Juice, Go Juice)   This alchemical concoction looks (and feels/weighs) like quicksilver but has (so they say) a taste like fresh carrots (but no smell at all). Each twelve ounce dose, when ingested by a living being, causes them to have Altered Time Rate X2. This effect lasts for 3d hours and is dangerous in the extreme to use as it functions continually without pause or control from the time it is taken (starting within ten seconds) to the time it suddenly quits.   Once the effects quit, the being that has used it immediately collapses into uncontrolled muscle and nerve spasms lasting 3d*8 minutes. These spasms are excruciatingly painful and have been known to drive people mad; treat as a really long bout of Epilepsy, costing 4d Fatigue and adding in the condition of Agony (B428). However, its main danger is that the body, released from the relentless superspeed, will simply go into systemic shock and cause immediate death of the unfortunate user (HT+2 roll). This chance of death is reduced by 1 per HT point over 15 (and replaced by madness), but is always fatal if a 17 or 18 is rolled.   This stuff requires $3000 per dose to manufacture and any amount may be made at one time during this 50 hour process (in which the alchemist needs always be present, and also requires a Will roll to remain awake). The materials are easily had and the stuff, once made, remains potent up to seven years if kept in sealed silver container.   Duration: 3d hours
Form: Potion
Cost: $3700/$4000
Recipe: $800; 2 days; defaults to Alchemy-4  

Mindfast Potion

(Alternative names: Thinkfast Wine, Brainfizz, Brainwhiz, Headspin)   This potion looks, smells, and tastes like a good red wine but is extremely rare. When a small glassful (about 6 oz) is drunk, the imbiber has his mental functions sped up ten fold. He can think ten times faster for 3d*8 minutes less one minute per ST (one minute minimum). The stronger you are, the less time it works for you. Consequently, the user has more time to make decisions in melee and other "Fast" situations. Note however, that the drinker's physical speed and reflexes are absolutely unchanged! Also, if it is used more than twice per day, there is a chance (IQ roll, -3 per each extra dose) that the drinker will become helplessly insane permanently. For the user, the world slows down, even themselves; it takes 10 times as long to do anything, at least from their point of view. Sounds are ten times slower, and lower in pitch, and thus totally unintelligible. If they concentrate really hard, they can speak; others will hear a time-compressed version of what the person meant to say; with practice, users can eventually learn to speak slowly enough to have intelligible sentences.   Each dose costs $3000 (in very rare ingredients) to concoct although batches of any size desired can be made. Once brewed, they have a shelf life of about three years but must be kept in airtight glass containers to keep from spoiling. The production process takes 30 hours, but once the actual mixing is finished (about an hour) it can be left to ferment on its own. It is -3 to skill.   Duration: 3d*8 minutes
Form: Potion
Cost: $3700/$4000
Recipe: $700; 1 day; defaults to Alchemy-3  

Black Brian's Brew

(Alternative names: Swamp Tea, Retch Recipe, Poison Blocker)   This inky black, sewer-smelling and tasting thick liquid must be drunk to have any effect. Once imbibed, this stuff foams and roils in the stomach for about 4d minutes (roll HT roll at +3 each minute, or the hapless drinker will throw the mess right back up again!). If he doesn't throw up, then, at the end of that time, the drinker is 100% immune to all poisons and venoms for 1.5 hours per HT of the subject. This is without regard to the toxicity or origin of the toxin, it just doesn't make any difference.   On the other hand, if he does throw up, he will then be more vulnerable, taking double damage/effects from such toxins for 4d hours! Note that it can only be imbibed once each 24 hours by any single living person (more often and it acts as a deadly poison doing 8d damage) and it takes a full pint to effect each 200 lbs of weight. Each single pint needs $1400 worth of materials, mostly very rare and 16 hours to produce. Any amount can be made at one time and, once done, it has a shelf life of 11-20 years if kept tightly sealed (no light!) in ceramic or glass crocks. Any light at all of more than 30 seconds duration causes the stuff to spoil and become 4d poison per pint.   Duration: HT*1.5 hours
Form: Potion
Cost: $2100/$2600
Recipe: $300; 1 days; defaults to Alchemy-3    

Cataclysmic Cacophony Crystals

(Alternative name: Boom Glass)   These beautiful crystals of rainbow hued near transparency are actually "grown" by the alchemist over a 13 day period and always 13 crystals grow in each batch, each about 2-3" long by 7/8-1 1/8" thick. Each crystal has the ability to absorb and store all sound it "hears" within a 90' radius. It can then release this sound in one single cataclysmic blast when broken! Voices, thunder, laughter, animal sounds, howls, dragon roars, explosions — nothing is too much for it to store and later release. These crystals do damage as a Concussion spell, with the amount of dice being determined by how much sound has been absorbed. Putting it in a jet engine for an hour will net a 1d explosion, as will putting it next to the speakers at a Metallica concert for the same period of time. Generally, if it is in your pocket and you spend the entire day at a crowded tavern, you will get a 1d explosion.   Each batch of crystals takes $13000 and 13 days to grow and any polarized light (like that reflected off the moon, water, or even light from the sky) shining upon them will destroy them. Its hearing is stopped by closing it tightly in a silver box. Typically kept in a black felt pouch.   Duration: Permanent until used
Form: Crystal
Cost: $1800/$2500
Recipe: $500; 13 days; defaults to Alchemy-4  

Elixir of Sanity

(Alternative name: Sanity Potion)   This viscous liquid looks like quicksilver, tastes like cinnamon-mint tea and has an aroma reminiscent of roses in full bloom. Each 10 ounce dose, once drunk, will render the imbiber totally immune from all forms of insanity and craziness. This is without regard to the source or power trying to drive the drinker insane (yes, it even protects you from Cthulhu's mind-blasting powers— but not his tentacles). This protection lasts 3d*10 hours but is instantly negated if any alcohol of any kind gets into the drinker's system (pouring alcohol into a wound will do it).   It takes 4d minutes from the time imbibed until it is working fully but, in the interim, it does give lesser protection. Note, however, that this alchemical potion is only a prophylactic (preventative) and absolutely will not work after the fact. This means that it won't cure people who are already psychologically damaged.   It must be made in batches of no more and no less than seven doses (each dose needing $140 worth of materials, thus a $980 total cost). The process takes seven days of closely watched work and, once it has been completed, the potion has a shelf life of exactly seven years if kept tightly sealed in brass containers. It is fairly rare and costly to obtain.   Note that since many people who take it don't end up facing anything that might damage their sanity, beware of fake potions that only purport to protect you....   Duration: 3d*10 hours
Form: Potion
Cost: $200/$300
Recipe: $300; 7 days; defaults to Alchemy-2  

Fire Water

(Alternative name: Stinkfire)   This iodine-orange liquid has a smell closely akin to that of a five day old elephant carcass stewing in fermented cat intestines. However, this substance bursts into instant and intense flame upon contact with water. Being lighter than water, it quite naturally floats atop it and spreads quite rapidly wherever the water is. Each 1 oz dose will ignite into flame and cover and area approximately 3' diameter on land, three times that on water (on water it spreads at a rate of 30' per second)! The brilliant orange flames rise as high as 5-7' and do 1d per second that they touch an object. The flames will burn for 1d +2 seconds and are totally smokeless, though they do leave a dirty soot like residue of scum on the water's surface wherever it has burned.   This potent stuff is reported to cost about $300 per each dose to manufacture and this making required about 10 days time per batch. Each batch must contain between 10 and 100 one ounce doses. It must never contain more than 100 doses; one alchemist tried to make a 500 dose batch and ended up blowing up his entire village, killing 550 people. It looked like a napalm strike. Once made, it will keep indefinitely so long as it is kept water tight. The materials are fairly rare, so it is uncommon to run into it. Originally of Orcish design, it has since fallen into the hands of humans. It is made at -3 to skill.   Duration: 1d+2 seconds
Form: Liquid
Cost: $400/$500
Recipe: $200; 10 days; defaults to Alchemy-3

Ointment of Immaculate Immersion

(Alternative name: Antacid Ointment)   This petroleum jellylike stuff has an odor reminiscent of mounds of rotten garbage and a color/consistency like that of muddy water mixed with maggots. The lumpy mess, when applied liberally to every part of a body renders said body absolutely waterproof! It also gives a DR/Ablative DR of 15/60 versus acids (when the ablative is gone, the normal DR is too). It will normally last for 25 hours with normal, everyday usage.   The average human would need at least 12 ounces to cover himself entirely. Each ounce requires but $30 to make, and about a day to concoct. Any amount can be made at one time and, once done, keeps indefinitely. Note, however, that sometimes it turns flammable (same damage as oil, 15+ roll when applied). Originally of Orcish design, it has since filtered down to humans, although it is rare (simply because humans generally find it to be unpleasant).   This is often used by alchemists as a kind of set of "gloves", by applying it to the hands and forearms, to protect their hands from caustic substances (since the flammability factor is pretty high, alchemists who use it tend to apply the stuff next to a water filled sink).   Duration: 25 hours
Form: Ointment
Cost: $50/$70 per ounce (takes 12 to cover the whole body, or 2 to act as "gloves")
Recipe: $100; 1 day; defaults to Alchemy-1  

Fabulous Fog Dust

(Alternative name: Mistdust, Glittermist)   This is a pearlescent, glittery powder, very fine and almost talcum-like in its consistency. It has an odor somewhat reminiscent of rotted peaches mixed with Limburger cheese. Each small pinch (about 1/10th of an ounce) of this powder will, when introduced into water, immediately commences to form a fog-like cloud of grey green color. Visibility within the 9-14' diameter cloud will vary from 1-3', as long as the stuff lasts (which will be for 8d minutes unless blown away by wind or magic). Of course, the more of this powder that is used, the more fog is produced. Note, however, that for best effect, at least 10 gallons of water should be present per each pinch used. If less water is available, then the size and duration of the fog will be less. The cloud/fog expands and covers areas at the rate of 3' radius from point of introduction into the water per second.   This very fast acting powder is not inexpensive to manufacture, requiring at least $500 worth of moderately rare materials and will keep indefinitely so long as it is kept dry in waterproof containers. It takes 4 days to create, with the alchemist there for the first 12 hours, about 4 hours on the third day, and during the last 8 hours.   Duration: 8d minutes
Form: Powder
Cost: $700/$900
Recipe: $300; 4 days; defaults to Alchemy-2  

Fumble Gas

(Alternative names: Spasmatic Horror, Spasm Gas)   This opaque metallic orange gas is generally carried in softball sized glass or ceramic globes weighing about 13 oz. Each contains enough gas to cover approximately a 30' spherical area (in 3d seconds). It has a duration of about 5 minutes if there is no wind. This gas has the effect of causing random nerve impulses and loss of muscular control in all living creatures of 50 lbs or less. The effect remains as long as the gas is present and for an additional 4d minutes, minus 1 minute per point of HT of the victim.   This total loss of control results in the complete dysfunction of the body in question. Everything that can move, does, in jerky spasms. Eyes rotate (while the optic nerves sends random colorful flashes to the brain), eyelids flutter rapidly, the tongue twists in a rapidly opening and closing mouth, fingers flex, fists clench and unclench while arms wave madly about, legs move back and forth, all bowels and bladders release messily, the ears send random noises that aren't there, and so on. In such a condition, most beings immediately fall over to lie flopping on the ground like a fish out of water, totally incapacitated. For each 1 minute in "the condition", there is a cumulative chance that the victim will die due to massive body system failures. Make HT rolls each minute, with the first one at HT+5, and each one thereafter at a cumulative -1 penalty.   Beings larger than 50 lbs in size still suffer also, though not as badly. Beings up to 100 lbs are at -6 to DX, ST, and Active Defenses, and -3 to IQ. Spell casting requires a Will roll at -2 due to distractions. Beings up to 200 lbs are at -3 to DX, ST, and Active Defenses, and -1 to IQ. Spell casting requires a Will roll due to distractions. Beings up to 500 lbs are at -1 to DX, ST, and Active Defenses. Anything larger is not affected, although the effects will be felt. Also, the effect lasts only 3d seconds outside the gas's effects. For creatures of larger than about 50 lbs, there is a lesser chance of death due to system failures; roll HT+3 per minute.   Each dose requires $1400 worth of materials of moderate rarity and 7 days of time to prepare (at -2 to skill). Each must be separately made. They retain their potency up to 20 years if kept sealed airtight in non-metallic containers.   Duration: 3d hours
Form: Potion
Cost: $1800/$2300
Recipe: $400; 7 days; defaults to Alchemy-2    

Saint David's Dragon

(Alternative name: Dragon Eggs)   These black, tarry spheres, each about the size of a golf ball and weighing approximately 3 lbs, must be lit to function properly (by at least a match or candle flame). 1d seconds after being set aflame (and now afire all over) they erupt into a dense cloud of black, foam-like substance that writhes, stretches, and enlarges into the general size and shape of a dragon! It has glowing red eyes, red-rimmed black scales, and billows of smoke pouring from its flaring, fang-rimmed maw! 30-50' long and 18-25' high, this apparition is no more than a super scarecrow. It still weighs only 3 lbs and will crumble to the touch like the ash it really is.   Even a moderate wind will move these and a strong one will tear them apart. Still, they are quite effective harum-scarum devices (especially at night or in dark, windless places). Each "Dragon's Egg" needs 100 hours of constantly watched work and some $880 in materials to create. Once made, they will keep up to 13 years if kept sealed in air-tight copper closures (usually a hinged copper egg).   Duration: Permanent, until destroyed
Form: Solid ball
Cost: $1200/$2000
Recipe: $500; 5 days; defaults to Alchemy-3    

Silver Screamers

(Alternative name: Banshee Stones, Rock-ettes, Death Marbles)   About the size and weight of steel marbles, these silver colored goodies go off (detonate) when sharply struck, thrown unto hard ground, etc. They "ignite" and take off in random and crazy flight patterns trailing sparks and grey metallic smoke, all the while screaming and wailing like a jet engine. They fly for 2d seconds at about the speed of a thrown rock (doing 1 HT per impact) but, if they hit something, they just ricochet off in another direction! Pelt a group of baddies with these (then duck!) While more of a nuisance than an actual danger, they make great distractions.   Each pellet is individually "set" over a 7 hour period in its own mold, however, batches containing as many as 100 can be mixed at one time (this takes 2 hours and costs $150 per pellet). Once set, they last indefinitely, if not hit too hard. By the by, the ingredients for these little goodies are not common so they are pretty rare and fairly expensive to boot.   Duration: 2d seconds
Form: Solid ball
Cost: $250/$500
Recipe: $200; 2 hours; defaults to Alchemy-1  

Perfume of Perfect Defense

(Alternative name: Scent Armor, Defensive Essence)   Due to the personalized nature of this alchemical essence, it requires close cooperation between the buyer and the creator to produce. Each dose costs $3450 worth of exceedingly rare materials to manufacture and it will not work for anyone except the one who has provided a drop of their blood, a drop of sweat, and a drop of spittle. This stuff is keyed to them and them alone. The perfume is rubbed on the body (about an oz worth) and within 1d-2 (minimum 1) minutes is in full operation. It will last until he bathes or for 6d hours, whichever comes first. It smells like a mixture of sweat, wet dog, and leather, and is noticeable from a distance.   It gives the wearer an aura of DB 3, DR 6! Its as if armor was being worn, yet the wearer is absolutely free of any such ironmongery/encumbrance. The skin is pliable and flexible as ever but just as resistant as armor. It can be made in any sized batch desired over a 10 day period (the drops of effluvia are per dose) and, once concocted, lasts indefinitely so long as it is kept tightly sealed in iron containers. If it is used more than three times in a three day period, there is a chance that one's skin will turn a permanent metallic iron-grey in color (HT-# of doses more than 3).   Duration: 6d hours, or less, if washed off
Form: Ointment
Cost: $4530/$5100
Recipe: $300; 10 days; defaults to Alchemy-4  

Potion of Preventive Curative

(Alternative names: Nasty Juice)   This purple-green viscous liquid (about the same consistency of 30 weight motor oil) smells like burning camel dung mixed with wet dog hair and, reportedly, tastes worse than it smells. It is a preventative medicine that must be drunk every 24 hours (a full pint dose) in order to maintain its efficacy. It also needs a full 12 hours from first drinking a dose to become wholly effective. Anyway, what it does is keep the imbiber totally immune to all diseases and viruses of any normal, non-magical nature — everything from malaria to colds to Ebola to the "Gruesome Rot Fever of Malangapan" (don't ask, you don't want to know).   It is a supposedly easy and cheap item to make, somewhere around $20 per dose in materials and about 20 hours cooking time. The materials are relatively easy to obtain, and amounts of any size can be brewed up. Once done, though, it only has a shelf life of 2 years and even then only if kept sealed in airtight containers. Note: less than 30 minutes exposure to air will cause it to lose its potency totally. It is sold rather cheaply, because there is little market for it. It is rumored that the Orcs were the first to come up with this formula. As for those drinking it, there is a chance of it being so foul that it is thrown back up. Roll vs Will: Make it by 5 and it is swallowed with no problem. Make it by 2 and you got it down but boy was it nasty. Miss by 1 and you choke it down partway, then you threw up. Miss it by more than that and you immediately puked it back up.   Duration: 24 hours
Form: Potion
Cost: $50/$80
Recipe: $100; 1 days; defaults to Alchemy-1  

Blughar's Good Stuff

(Alternative name: Dwarf Paste, Sculptor's Friend, Flexy Putty)   An ochre colored paste that smells like a "garbage dump at high noon on a hot summer's day". It is supposedly produced from rather common ingredients. But no more than 100 doses may be made at any one time. Once made, it will last up to seven years in any container so long as its temperature is never allowed to reach 100° Fahrenheit or more. About an hours worth of such heat renders the alchemical stuff utterly ineffective and worthless.   It renders any stiff and/or hard (non-metal) substance, like wood or plastic, as pliable and flexible as soft leather of equal thickness. Just paint onto anything (one oz will work up to 15 square inches of material no more than 1" thick) ; for more area or thickness simply use more of the "good stuff". The pliability lasts for around 2 to 3 hours, but heat reduces this time drastically.   This is commonly used by Dwarves and Gnomes to shape wood into useful shapes, said shapes being permanently set once the "good stuff" dries. Since some of the ingredients are found only in the higher altitudes in the mountains, it is not a very common or cheap item.   Duration: 2-3 hours
Form: Paste
Cost: $200/$300
Recipe: $600; 6 days; defaults to Alchemy-6  

Puissant Potion of Dragon Repelling

(Alternative name: Dragon Reek)   A bright, cherry red liquid, this has a consistency (and taste) like cough syrup. It evens smells like the stuff and, when imbibed, it will cause the drinker to acquire (taking 4d minutes to do so) a smell so repugnant to all dragonkind that they cannot stand to even be close to it. To a human nose the aroma is sort of a cross between rancid butter and old sewage sludge. It has a duration of 100 hours less 1 hour per 25 lbs of the drinker. Note that even after it has stopped its effect the aroma will linger for days in the person's clothes, hair, etc. Of course, it will have a much reduced effectiveness, but every little bit occasionally helps. So effective is the potion that all dragonkind approaching to within a 20-30' radius of the drinker will immediately (and reflexively) pull up short, clamp their jaws shut; squinch their nostrils as closed as possible and retreat away as fast as possible. It also causes their eyes to water and their stomachs to heave and boil with instant nausea, possibly causing them to retch. Dragonkind simply cannot tolerate the smell this stuff produces from a humanoid being after being drunk. However, how each individual dragon will handle such an encounter is as varied as they are. A scorching blast of dragon's flame to "cleanse the area"; a quick, whirling tail smash to bat the "offending object" as far away as possible; even a very hasty retreat could result. The only certainty is that they won't get close (or downwind) from such smelly folks. And, as noted above, such an odor is not exactly sweet to humanoids either. Still, if you are afraid of dragons....   This potent stuff requires $450 of relatively common ingredients and a 30 hour alchemical process to produce. Any amount can be made and it has a shelf life of decades or thereabouts. It can be stored in any non-porous container except glass, which ruins it rather quickly.   Duration: 100 hours or so
Form: Potion
Cost: $600/$700
Recipe: $200; 2 days; defaults to Alchemy-2  

Glow Goo

(Alternative names: Light Putty, Sculptor's Light, Glow Dough)   A cheery brick red color and playdough like consistency are the trademarks of this smelly stuff. Its "burnt pig fat" odor is another hallmark of this Goblish alchemical lightcasting substance. Each pound (about the size of a tennis ball) has a glow equal to one quarter of full daylight intensity.   It will glow merrily for about 200-300 days if not allowed to dry out. Treat it like modeling clay to keep this from happening. Made of the cheap materials, it only costs about $10 per pound to concoct. The process to do it takes about 100 hours from start to finish, although after the first hour's mixing it can safely be left unattended as it "sets" during the next 99 hours. Batches of any size can be made. A variant that smells more like old wood sells for $500 per pound.   The stuff is used as torches or to light places like lanterns. Adding to the mass does not increase the intensity of the light.   Duration: 200-300 days
Form: Putty/Claylike substance
Cost: $100/$300 per pound, or $500/$700 per pound of the nice smelling form
Recipe: $200; 4 days; defaults to Alchemy-1  

Elixir of Restorative Wellness

(Alternative names: Lemon Aid, Liquid Energy)   This pale violet liquid, smelling faintly of lemon blossoms, is drunk in single (4 oz) doses only. Each dose will cause any living being up to about 200 lbs mass to immediately begin to "cast off" all their tiredness and exhaustion. All fatigue, sleepiness, and physical weakness (caused normally, not by wounds) is utterly banished (taking a time period equal to one second per each 2 lbs of mass). It doesn't give extra strength, stamina, or in any way increase a living creature's own natural ability to function. However, it does allow then to become as if they had just awakened from a good night's rest/sleep. But if used more than once in a 24 hour period there is a cumulative chance the drinker will collapse into a catatonic unconscious state lasting 6d * 3 hours (make a HT roll, at -2 per extra dose). If you dare to use it too often, you take the risk!   Made from uncommon materials at a $950 per dose cost, it takes 18 hours to make, regardless of the amount involved. And, once concocted, it has an indefinite shelf life if kept in airtight containers of the purest silver.   Duration: Permanent
Form: Potion
Cost: $1200/$1800
Recipe: $200; 1 day; defaults to Alchemy-1  

Potent Bug Killer

(Alternative names: Bug Out, Flea Killer, Shoo Fly)   When exposed to air, this emerald green liquid will instantly billow into a dark green "cloud" of gas/mist. It will be approximately 9' in diameter (wind allowing) per each 4 oz used. The liquid and the cloud both have a very strong odor of rancid butter-fat and fried red onions. It will disperse in a "zero-wind" condition at the rate of about 3% per second. However, while it is in existence it is a very potent insect specific "bug fumigator". A typical 9' cloud does 1d of damage to the insects touching the toxic substance.   Any bugs not killed outright will still become "spastic, disoriented, and totally incapable of any sort of controlled function." When used versus larger bugs (giant spiders, Phraints, Giant Hypercarnivorous Attack Mantises, etc.), the degree of loss of functional control is equal to the damage they've suffered from the cloud. Larger bugs also get health rolls, at -2. Intended as a fumigant to rid places of ticks, fleas, flies, mosquitoes, and other such pests, it was also discovered that it was useful against larger bugs. It was also discovered that arachnids suffer only half as bad as insects (but that still kills any Earth spider, with the possible exception of a really tough tarantula). The liquid will only keep in opaque glass containers (to keep sunlight out). In such it lasts about 4 years. Direct sunlight will rapidly turn it into a sticky, smelly, but utterly harmless goo.   It can be made in any sized batches in an 11 hour process of some considerable danger (it tends to explode if overcooked). Each 4 oz costs about $50 in materials (reasonably common) to make, thus it is rather common. As it is totally nontoxic/reactive to anything and everything except bugs, it is extremely safe to use if you can stand the smell.   Typical varieties: Fly, Mosquito, Gnat, Tick, Flea, Spider, Chigger, Louse, Ant.   Nontypical varieties: Giant Spider, Giant Ant, Flicker Bug, Giant Beetle.   Duration: about 2 minutes
Form: Gas cloud
Cost: $70/$100
Recipe: $100; 1 day; defaults to Alchemy-2  

Serendipitous Liquid of Potent Allure

(Alternative names: Animal Magnetism, Beast Summons)   A clear, though somewhat sticky liquid with an odd smell of crushed violets and oregano. Each single one ounce dose needs 40 hours and materials worth $640 to produce. However, batches of any size may be made. Once finished it has a shelf life of perhaps centuries if properly stored in airtight ceramic containers.   What this stuff does is to attract and compel (the compulsion is to "find the source of the aroma — and stay with it") any and all "warm blooded animal life" (IQ 5 or less). It will do this over about a 100' radius or downwind for up to a mile (or possibly more) and without any regard as to type, kind, number, or size involved. Everything from ground squirrels to buffalo herds will respond. Birds, bats, mice, all the area has to offer will show up. The base chance of it doing so is 9 or less, with +1 per extra ounce used (which also gives +10' of radius). Once in the area, they will remain for 30 minutes less 1 minute per hit point (not HT) over 10.   The duration of the stuff's "allure" is 6d * 10 minutes but rain or other such factors will reduce this drastically. While prized highly by poachers it is truly hated by foresters, elves, and others attuned to/with "life in the wilds", who tend to be rather harsh to users of the stuff.   Duration: 30 minutes or less
Form: Potion
Cost: $900/$1200
Recipe: $300; 3 days; defaults to Alchemy-2  

Stupendous Elixir of Ineffable Value

(Alternative names: Stinkskin, Stink Armor, Foul Bath)   This very beautiful alchemical elixir looks like quicksilver with gold dust suspended throughout its mass. But the odor is so terrible that unsuspecting elves have been known to actually pass out when unexpectedly exposed to it (HT+4 roll). This nasty smelling liquid is, however, quite useful.   For each full hour any living creature lies fully submerged in the stuff, their natural DR will increase by +1 (like Toughness), to a max of +4. Said DR has a 24 hour duration which is not extendable in any manner save additional submersions. For each hour more than 4 the submergence lasts, add another 10 hours of duration. Of course the submerged being must wear nose clips, keep their eyes closed, their ears plugged, as they breathe through a hollow tube.   Also note that for each hour a "soaker" spends submerged, they will stink for 100 hours (and that stink is bad enough to gag a maggot). Most humanoids getting a whiff of the soaked one's smell have to make a HT-2 roll or get violently ill (treat as the effects of a Sickness spell) that lasts for 1 minute per point the roll failed by (although Orcs don't seem affected in the least, and use it before battle as an "advantage".)   Expensive to make, each 100 gallons (enough to fully submerge/soak a full sized humanoid) costs $7850. Not only are the materials hard to come by, but the twelve day long manufacturing process needs constant supervision and "hands on" fussing about to work properly, and, once made, it must be used within 60 hours or it will become inert and totally useless. Each person using it uses up only about a gallon of the stuff, so that 100 gallons can be used for several people before there isn't enough to fully cover the next subject. Note that the sickening effects affect everyone, even those on your side!   Duration: 24 or more hours
Form: Potion
Cost: $12000/$17000
Recipe: $500; 12 days; defaults to Alchemy-6  

Sorian Sparklers

(Alternative names: Long Torches, Sparklies)   Appearing as a 1" diameter stick dipped in iron granules, these act similarly to Fourth of July sparklers, but without the heat and fire danger (and it doesn't use up any oxygen when burning, either, so it works under water). The 18"-21" corona of sparkles casts a torchlight equivalent light, for a duration of 100 minutes per 1" of granule coating. The "generic" size usually seen is 13" long, with 7" coated with the granules, although larger ones aren't uncommon.   Made by the dwarves in large quantities and used primarily in the mines and tunnels, only they know the secret of their construction, although it is a trade item. Each one costs about $40 to make (using materials found only in the mountains), and takes 3 days to mix up a batch of granules (which can be made in batches up to 80 doses, with each dose being 7" worth of granule coating). They are made at no penalty to skill.   Duration: 100 minutes per 1" application
Form: Potion
Cost: $100/$1100
Recipe: $500; 12 days; defaults to Alchemy-6  

Siege Dust

(Alternative name: Yuckdust)   This greyish tan, dust bunny colored dust is odorless (if a bit musty), very dense, and tastes horrible. In fact, one does not eat siege dust, one "mumbles it down", and, as a comparison, the taste of live maggots mixed with iron filings is more palatable. But, each palm full (which weighs about 8 oz) is equal to a full day's nutrition, and even swells a bit in the stomach, assuaging hunger. It is possible to live off of this stuff, although why anyone would want to is beyond contemplation. It received its name due to the fact that only during a siege will it be eaten (and only after all of the pets, rats, and spiders are gone). Some people have even eaten the flesh of fallen comrades before digging into this stuff. What's worse, anything the dust is sprinkled on loses its flavor and takes on the flavor of the dust. This is such a common and cruel prank that it is considered the same as poisoning in some areas. Eating it requires a HT roll; failing the roll will cause the imbiber to puke back it up.   It keeps forever, as long as it is in closed containers, or for about a week in a pouch or similar container. If mixed with water, it turns into a sludge of a consistency ranging from thick mud to gruel to soup, depending on how much water is used. A rather standard military practice is to give a bowl of siege dust soup to the troops in the morning along with a glass of juice, wine or milk, or with some real food to act as a chaser. It's a good way to extend food rations, and is only "painful" for a short time. Those wanting to eat it must make a Will roll at -1 per each dose consumed in the last week. A new Will roll may be tried after an hour, at a further -2.   It costs about $1 per dose to make, and is made with commonly found alchemical materials in batches of oh, about a thousand in a process that takes 2 months to precipitate out properly. The alchemist only needs to be there for the first 3 days and last 4. It is probably the most commonly known alchemical mixture. It generally sells for $3 per dose, with discounts for bulk orders.   Duration: Permanent
Form: Powder
Cost: $3/$5
Recipe: $100; 60 days; defaults to Alchemy-1  

Hungry Fog Spheres

(Alternative names: Deathbombs, Melty Skelties, Bloodmist Bombs) This horrific alchemical weapon is exceedingly rare for two reasons: each softball-sized "grenade" (i.e., glass spheroid) requires some $3550 in materials to make (taking 12 days to do so, due to complex and tiring processes). Note also that only one at a time can be made because of the complexity.   When shattered, the sphere releases an extremely rapidly expanding cloud/fog of bright scarlet gas. It fills an area approximately 33' in diameter in about 1/5 of a second. Its duration is 4d seconds, and it doesn't expand beyond this area unless blown by a reasonably strong wind (about 20 mph or more) due to an odd "stickiness" the cloud possesses. If it is made to increase its covered area, it will generally not "thin", but will break up into smaller clumps.   This stuff dissolves all organic matter that it touches are the rate of 1d-1 per second, bypassing all non-sealed armor (and, depending on composition, could eat through that). It dissolves people, leather chairs, wooden tables, kevlar vests, the carbon skins of high tech aircraft, etc.   Note the fact that if stored in glass it has an indefinite shelf life but, if stored in any other substance, lasts only 13 months. Remember also that there is no known neutralizer for this stuff (though only organic matter can be affected). Thus it is dangerous to even have around. This stuff is very illegal; having the recipe will put you on a watch list, making it is a crime. That being said, the military likes it as a siege weapon, although they pay danger bonuses to anyone who has to handle the bombs.   Duration: 4d seconds
Form: Gas
Cost: $6000/$8000
Recipe: $400; 12 days; defaults to Alchemy-6  

Blue Goo

(Alternative names: Glass Gulp, Transparency Potion)   A brilliant phosphorescent blue viscous liquid that has a very strong odor of rotted fish. Each one ounce dose (per 50 lbs of imbiber) will, once drunk, cause any living being to become totally transparent (like glass) and will last one hour per dose taken per 50 lbs.   Each dose requires $800 of fairly common materials to make and requires some six hours to do so. It can be made in any amount desired and has a shelf life of up to seven years if properly stored in airtight ceramic jars.   Combat and vision modifiers will vary depending on the situation, but it isn't quite as good as Invisibility.   Duration: 1 or more hours
Form: Potion
Cost: $1000/$1100
Recipe: $300; 6 hours; defaults to Alchemy-2  

Sentry Sand

(Alternative names: Nightingale Dust, Alert Dirt)   This stuff has the look, color, and feel of ordinary (if somewhat sparkly and "clean-smelling") sand, but is, in fact, very remarkable stuff. When stepped on (by a weight of 30 lbs or more), it "snaps, pops, and bangs" while giving off flash bulb equivalent flashes of blue-white light (the "explosions" also affects any grains within a half inch, so when one part of the area is set off, it is soon followed by the rest). The noise is louder than a barking dog and is guaranteed to wake even those deeply asleep. It can be made in any size batch, each pound being able to cover 10 square feet and consisting of $80 of very common alchemical materials. Each batch takes 2 days to make and has an indefinite shelf life. Note, however, that once activated, it is used up and should be replaced.   Duration: Permanent, until used
Form: Sandy granules
Cost: $100/$120 per pound
Recipe: $200; 2 days; defaults to Alchemy-3  


(Alternative names: Bang Javelins, War Darts)   This alchemical entry is somewhat strange as it is neither lotion, potion, pill, powder, or salve; it is in fact a solid object in the shape of a 10" long, 2.5" diameter, finned "dart". This 1.25 lb object has the hardness and feel of jade though it is a yellow-gold in color. Each such dart is cast from a a concoction of boiling hot alchemical ingredients by pouring into a special mold and then cooling over a three day period until "set". Each mold can be used only once because it must be shattered to get the dart out. Add that to the 30-hour "mixing time," and the $1220 cost per dart and you have an extremely rare alchemical item indeed.   What these darts are is quite remarkable; a sort of solid explosive that will detonate when sharply struck or thrown forcefully against a hard surface. The target must be rigid enough to activate the "fuse". Very soft targets, such as a haystack, will initiate the explosion on a 3 or 4 on 3 dice. Soft targets, such as an unarmored human, will initiate on a 8 or less. Moderately hard targets, such as the wooden side of a barn, or a nonrigidly armored human, will initiate on a 14 or less. Hard targets like a brick wall or rigid metal armor do not require a separate explosion initiation roll; the charge will explode on any hit except a critical failure. Each dart has an explosive damage potential of 2d at the point of impact (use standard explosion rules). Use Throw Dart or Throwing skill; ACC 2, SS 12, 1/2 D ST * 2, Max ST * 3. When carrying them around, be careful not to drop, strike, or otherwise cause them to detonate prematurely.   Duration: Until used or struck
Form: Solid dart.
Cost: $1600/$2000
Recipe: $300; 4 days; defaults to Alchemy-6  

Ironsides Lotion

(Alternative name: Armor All)   This faintly orange scented reddish yellow lotion is concocted of extremely rare ingredients. Each four ounce dose needs eight hours and $2850 of said rarities to make but can cover an area up to four foot square. Any metal thus covered will become four times harder (+2 DB, +75% DR) and twice as heat/cold resistant as it usually is. This lasts for 4d hours in normal climates but lasts up to 50% longer in dry climates. Note that the treated metal retains its own normal flexibility and ductile properties. Any size batch may be concocted, and it has a shelf life of up to 13 years no matter how it is stored, so long as it is kept away from moisture.   Duration: 4d hours
Form: Lotion
Cost: $3200/$4600
Recipe: $400; 1 day; defaults to Alchemy-4  

Mysterious Air Ink Powder

(Alternative names: Ink Cloud, Squid Mist, Pinch of Darkness)   This stuff is odorless, as light as powdered corks and looks like talcum powder made from coal. What it does, when exposed to air, is to instantly (0.01-0.05 seconds) erupt into an inky black cloud that is totally impervious to light. I.e., a lit lantern 6" away could not be seen. A single one ounce pinch would form a 13' diameter hemispherical volume of this inky black darkness. Duration is 13 minutes and, once set, it cannot be dispersed by any wind or such. However, it can be moved along, totally intact (like some black balloon) by those winds. When it dissipates (taking 2d seconds) at the end of its duration, it "collapses" back into a powder (this time charcoal grey) that coats everything inside the area of effect. Try to wash it off and it becomes real liquid ink. What a mess. The rarity of its materials and their $250 cost per pinch make this item relatively rare. It takes 3 days to make (in any sized batch).   Duration: 13 minutes
Form: Powder
Cost: $400/$600
Recipe: $250; 3 days; defaults to Alchemy-1  

Quick Seal Salve

(Alternative names: Burn Coat, Liquid Bandage, Bloodstop)   This faintly banana smelling, pale purple salve has an ingredient cost of $10 per one ounce dose; the ingredients are relatively common. Its usage is as simple as it is important: six seconds after exposure to air it forms a translucent and "flesh-like" membrane that is permanently bonded to whatever surface it was smeared on. Each ounce can cover up to 18 square inches. This membrane has all the properties of human flesh and is most often used to seal bleeding wounds or to cover burns. Any alcohol will cause it to dissolve. It will cause bleeding to stop a few seconds after being applied. It will also allow healing +1 HP when applying first aid, and +1 HP per day of natural healing.   It can be stored in any manner as long as it is airtight. In this manner it has an indefinite shelf life. Any size batch can be made, in a process that takes but 4 hours.   Duration: several days
Form: Ointment
Cost: $25/$40
Recipe: $200; 4 hours; defaults to Alchemy-1  

Powdered Ice

(Alternative names: Icyfreeze, Instant Ice)   This dust is a sparkly greyish white, and smells like water, and tastes like sand. Each one ounce dose has a cost of $5130 to create over a ten day period. No more than 7 doses can be made in a single batch. Kept absolutely dry, it has a shelf life measured in at least decades. Water is what activates it. Tossed into any water, each dose will cause 10 cubic feet of it to freeze solid (taking 1 second per cubic foot to do so). The ice is real ice with all the appropriate properties. When used, a blast of heat can be felt as it's an exothermic reaction as the heat energy is sucked out of the water.   Duration: Until it melts
Form: Powder
Cost: $7000/$10000
Recipe: $300; 10 days; defaults to Alchemy-3  

Salubrious Saving Salve

(Alternative names: Stinky Saver, Sailor's Friend)   A brilliant "rescue orange" in color, this thick and sticky salve has an odor strongly reminiscent of "squashed skunk". It takes about 1 ounce of the stuff per each one foot in height of the person to cover totally. Thus a 6 foot person would need 6 ounces to cover himself completely. Once applied, it will last for 1d+4 hours. What it dose is quite simple: the wearer cannot sink in water or other similar liquids, in fact they'll float like a cork. And yes, inanimate objects can be coated just like people can. It can be manufactured in any amount needed during a process requiring 13 hours of easy work (no penalties to skill). Each one ounce dose costs $300 to make, and, once so done, will keep for up to 30 years so long as no moisture contacts it. Moisture activates it and "uses it up" in the allotted time. The materials needed for this stuff are relatively easy to get though not very common.   It is often used to coat lifesavers thrown to overboard sailors, and often to the bottoms of boats to increase their load carrying capability. Boats coated this way have their carry capacity doubled as far as buoyancy is concerned.   Duration: 1d+4 hours
Form: Potion
Cost: $400/$600 per ounce
Recipe: $500; 13 hours; defaults to Alchemy-1  

Sorian Fire Sticks

(Alternative names: Clean Torches, No Smokes)   A variant of the Sorian Sparkler, these are large, waterproof matches with a 66 minute burning time. They never burn down but stay their original size (only the top 3" is aflame). They give off the heat and light normal for any regular torch; however, they are odorless and smokeless and will even function underwater. They are generally 18" long, 2.5" in diameter, and weigh about 1.25 lbs. The 3" tip is black and has a feel like sandpaper.   It costs about $50 to make each one, in a four day mixing process. Only batches up to 20 doses can be made, due to the instability of the mixture.   Duration: 66 minutes
Form: Stick
Cost: $80/$110
Recipe: $300; 4 days; defaults to Alchemy-1  

Squirt Keys

(Alternative names: Skeleton keys, Universal Keys)   This is actually a misnomer. The alchemy is only a part of this device. What this object consists of is a leather bulb with a screw-in ceramic stopper/lid, about the size and weight of a lemon. The leather bulb must be lined with separate compartments of spider silk. It is the squeeze bulb that has the alchemical substances inside.   When the cap is unscrewed and the tip is inserted into any normal sized lock and the bulb squeezed, alchemical compounds are forced into the keyhole. Thirty seconds later the stuff has hardened (glass hard) and is, in effect, a "key" that fits the lock perfectly. Carefully turned it will open the said lock and, if unbroken, be usable again (Make a DX roll; if it fails the key busts). This item has no effect on any traps or magical surprises that may be in the lock. All it can do is lock/unlock the one particular lock it was squeezed into the shape of. Note: they are generally considered illegal, and thus rather hard to find.   It costs $375 to mix up a batch of the compound. The squeeze bulb is actually reusable, and costs $650 to manufacture. The compounds (and there are three that must be kept unmixed until they are ready to set, much like epoxy) take 14 days each to make each, at no penalties for skill, in batches of any size (each dose is about one ounce of each of the three materials). The process is rather involved, and requires constant supervision.   Duration: Until the key breaks
Form: Three liquids that change into a translucent glassy material
Cost: $600/$800
Recipe: $500; 14 days per liquid; defaults to Alchemy-1  

Tireless Sentinel Pills

(Alternative names: Super Stay Awakes, Jitter Bugs, Jitter Pills, Movers and Shakers)   These almond shaped and sized pills are a bright shocking pink in color and have a faint aroma of horse manure. The taste is "decidedly manure oriented" so they say. Strongly so. Each such pill will cause the chewer to be unable to sleep for 4d+20 hours, and, as a side effect, be very nervous, jumpy, and paranoid, sort of a super coffee high. Once the effect wears off, there is a chance per hour more than 20 that they have been awake that they will instantly fall into a coma-like sleep lasting 4d+10 hours (roll vs Will +10, with a penalty of -1 per hour over 20). So deep is the sleep that nothing short of their being eaten alive will wake them. Note as well that each pill used consecutively more than one before sleeping has a cumulative chance of causing the eater's sudden death through heart failure (HT roll, -1 per extra pill). Each pill has a production cost of $2 and they can be made in any required amounts. The simple process only takes about 2 hours and needs not be supervised beyond the initial 16-20 minutes. The ingredients are common, and once made they will keep forever if not mashed/broken.   Duration: 4d+20 hours
Form: Pill
Cost: $10/$12
Recipe: $300; 2 hours; defaults to Alchemy-1  

Outfire Fog

(Alternative names: Fire Extinguisher, Extinguish Mist)   This stuff is concocted inside sealed glass containers at a cost of $750 per each 6" diameter jar or sphere. Said container contains enough "fog" to saturate a disk-shaped area some 15' in diameter by 3' thick. It takes one second to cover this area. The strongly cinnamon smelling lavender fog is heavier than air so it will always flow to the lowest point in the area. The fog puts out all fires of a non-magical nature in 1 second per 1000° F temperature. Duration of the fog is 13 seconds, so it does have a limit to the amount of temperature it can handle. Magical (i.e., Essential) flame takes 3 times as long to put out, and, once out, will re-ignite as soon as the fog dissipates. Regular ones stay out.   Once made, its shelf life is indefinite as long as the container is sealed. It takes 4 days to make.   Duration: 13 seconds
Form: Gas
Cost: $900/$1100
Recipe: $100; 4 days; defaults to Alchemy-1  

Herbal Concoctions



(Alternative names: Golden Smoke)   This paste looks, feels, and smells like earthly white library paste. Each 4 oz dose takes 8 hours to make and is made from relatively common materials worth about $0.5. Market price is about $2. Its use, due to several accidental deaths, has been monitored by the authorities.   This stuff is set out in a room (up to 13' x 13' x 13' in size), its crock or tin opened, then it is lit. It burns at a rate of about one ounce an hour, with a bright golden glow, giving off a mist-like "golden smoke". Permeating every nook and cranny of the tightly closed off area, it is a very effective fumigator. All lice, fleas, ticks, flies, and mosquitoes are killed, as are their eggs. All small rodents (mice, rats, gerbils, squirrels, hamsters, etc.) are killed if they fail a HT roll. Those not killed are stultified and will wander aimlessly about for up to 10 hours after the smoke dissipates (about one to two hours after it's stopped burning). All humanoids, pets, etc. smaller than about 200 lbs caught in the area have a chance of asphyxiation (roll vs HT +4 each 10 minutes, failure indicates 1 Fatigue damage; once all fatigue is gone, the damage is done to HT).   Duration: Hours
Form: Paste
Cost: $2/$4
Recipe: $100; 8 hours; defaults to Herb Lore-1  


(Alternative names: Blue Cooler, Fevergone)   This aqua blue liquid (tea) is well-known world-wide because of its efficacy (subject makes a HT +4 roll). What it does is to lower the drinker's body temperature to its normal level. It takes effect in 5-30 minutes and is permanent in "duration". Used for breaking killing fevers fast, each 4 oz dose costs $2 to concoct and only takes 45 minutes to do so. The ingredients are rather ordinary and relatively common. It is often flavored with mint.   Duration: Permanent
Form: Tea
Cost: $5/$6
Recipe: $100; 1 hour; defaults to Herb Lore-3  


(Altenative names: Tooth Taker, Toothache Aid)   This unusual herbal concoction is still made solely by herbalists who have managed to keep secret its numerous and rare ingredients (most apparently found in dense forests). It is said that each one ounce takes two days to ferment properly before it can be used and must be used within two hours of its finished creation. Each 1/10 ounce very carefully dripped onto a single tooth will, in 10d+30 seconds, utterly and totally dissolve it out of the gums without harming the surrounding area. In fact, it "cauterizes" the hole after the tooth is gone. A neat, fast way (though a bit painful during the dissolving of the nerves in said tooth) to get rid of bad teeth. Each single oz (good for 10 teeth) costs $8-$10 to make but generally costs $80 dollars or more on the open market, possibly more if it is in short supply.   Duration: Permanent
Form: Liquid
Cost: $80/$100
Recipe: $500; 2 days; defaults to Herb Lore-4  


(Alternative names: Foam-It, Glue-Gone, Unstick)   This pale grey-blue powder, when put into water, has an odor like that of barbecued beef. Each 2 oz packet will work in up to one gallon of water. In said water, it fizzes and foams mightily for 3-4 minutes. During this time (only) it is capable of neutralizing most animal or vegetable based glues and acids. It also causes webs to become unsticky. Each 2 oz can be concocted with rather easily obtainable materials in about 45 minutes for a cost of $20.   Duration: Permanent
Form: Powder
Cost: $80/$100
Recipe: $300; 1 hour; defaults to Herb Lore-3  


(Alternative names: Greenlick, Feverbar, Sour Buddy)   This solid green stuff is most often seen in soap bar sized units. It even has a texture and frangibility close to a bar of soap. It only takes about 20-30 minutes to mix up but then requires 40 hours to properly "set". Each such bar costs about $3 to make (with easy to find ingredients) and has a shelf life of up to 30 years if kept dry. Dampness causes it to melt into a useless goo.   What the stuff does is reminiscent of quinine in that it prevents most fevers. This is done by sucking on it or licking it for about 30 seconds each day. It tastes like sour green apples and is quite astringent. Each bar will last about 30 days, and gives a +4 to all HT rolls vs diseases characterized by strong fevers.   It generally has a market price of about $10.   Duration: effects last for about a day
Form: Bar
Cost: $10/$20
Recipe: $200; 3 days; defaults to Herb Lore-3  


(Alternative names: Tummy Quiet, Anti-Quease)   This yellow-white powder is used to quiet upset stomachs, seasickness, flatulence, and general queasiness (on a HT+5 roll). Unlike the other remedy for such ailments, "Moragrym", it is also a preventative medicine with a 3d+20 hour duration per 8 oz drunk. Up to 3 doses may be drunk in a 100 hour period; more makes you sick. Each dose is concocted of readily available ingredients in about 20 minutes and at a cost of some $2. And, unlike Moragrym (which tastes like rancid battery acid), it has a pleasant rosy odor and tastes faintly of coffee. So it is usually preferred to the cheaper stuff. If you are already sick when imbibed, it takes effect in 11-20 minutes.   Duration: As a cure, permanent; as a preventative, 3d+20 hours
Form: Potion
Cost: $15/$20
Recipe: $200; 20 minutes; defaults to Herb Lore-3  


(Alternative names: Ruby Relief, Pox Away)   Essentially a more effective venereal medicine than "Mortyndahl", this is drunk daily in 12 oz liquid doses over a 3d +10 day period, is effective on a HT +4 roll, and has a pleasant minty aroma and taste. It is quite popular, at least for those who can afford its stiff market price of about $40 per dose. Made from fairly easy to find ingredients, each dose costs some $10-$15 to make (in a two hour concocting process).   Duration: Permanent
Form: Potion
Cost: $40/$70
Recipe: $300; 2 hours; defaults to Herb Lore-2  

Other Medicinal Remedies

(These are used to treat symptoms, they generally won't cure ills.)  


Used for fevers, flu, common cold, it gives a HT roll to throw off the effects of the sickness. It is drunk as a tea, and is named for the grey-green moss it comes from. It generally costs $1 per ounce (which takes up about a cup of volume, enough for about 25 doses).   Duration: 4-8 hours
Form: Potion
Cost: $2/$3
Recipe: $150; 1 hour; defaults to Herb Lore-1  


Used for athlete's foot, rash, etc, an earth equivalent would be calamine lotion. It is named due to the color of the stains it causes. It costs $3 per 3 oz bottle (enough for 15 doses).   Duration: 6-12 hours
Form: Ointment
Cost: $3/$5
Recipe: $100; 2 hours; defaults to Herb Lore-2  


Used for ringworm, mumps, and measles, it gives a HT+2 roll to reduce the severity, or, in the case of ringworm, get rid of it. It is named after the small fish it is taken out of, and costs $40 per ounce (there are 4 doses per ounce).   Duration: 4-6 hours
Form: Potion
Cost: $40/$70
Recipe: $100; 2 hours; defaults to Herb Lore-4  

King's Spit

Used for sore, tired eyes, it is used by those people who want to hide "red eye" after carousing. Each time it is used, roll 3 dice per eye. If an 18 is rolled, user gets glaucoma. It clears up the eye on anything but a critical failure. If a 17 is rolled, nothing happens. It costs $3 per 6 fluid oz, which is enough for 60 doses.   Duration: 12 hours (by which point the cause of the redeye is probably out of the system anyway)
Form: Potion (drops)
Cost: $3/$6
Recipe: $200; 3 hours; defaults to Herb Lore-3  


Used for nausea and motion sickness, this antacid like substance is dissolved in water and takes like rancid battery acid. It is named after the weed it is derived from, and costs about $6 per 10 fluid ounces (premixed), which is enough for two doses. It gives the subject a HT +3 roll to get unnauseated.   Duration: 4-12 hours
Form: Potion
Cost: $6/$10
Recipe: $100; 1 hour; defaults to Herb Lore-1  


Used for venereal infections (bacterial), it is also known as "Purple Prong" due to its rather long lasting stains. It gives the subject a HT-4 roll to cure the illness (rolled every four days, during which time the afflicted area must be soaked in the stuff for at least an hour a day) with repeated treatments often necessary. It is sold as a dry powder (which must be mixed in a 50/50 water/rubbing alcohol solution), for about $10 per dose (which lasts 4 days).   Duration: Permanent
Form: Potion
Cost: $10/$20
Recipe: $100; 1 hour; defaults to Herb Lore-1  


Used as an antiseptic, it is squeezed from the spines of a sea urchin called the "Yellow Quendle" (hence its name). It is similar in use to iodine. It costs $1 for a 10 oz bottle, which gives somewhere between 50 and 100 doses (depending on use).   Duration: Permanent
Form: Potion
Cost: $1/$2
Recipe: $100; 2 hours; defaults to Herb Lore-3  


Used for epileptic seizures, and is named for the metallic-hued desert flower that it comes from. It gives the epileptic a HT roll to stop the seizure. It costs $30 per fluid oz (two doses).   Duration: 1 seizure
Form: Potion
Cost: $30/$50
Recipe: $250; 1 hour; defaults to Herb Lore-2  


Used for minor burns, scrapes, and sunburn, it functions in much the same way as aloe or petroleum jelly does. It's name is actually a derogatory nickname based on its feel/taste/etc. It sells for $4 per 4 oz jar (each oz can cover about one square foot area).   Duration: 6-12 hours
Form: Ointment
Cost: $4/$7
Recipe: $150; 1 hour; defaults to Herb Lore-1  


Used for headaches, toothaches, and other minor pain (basically aspirin), Terra is named after the blue flower it comes from (and is, except the petals have been removed). Willow tablets are made form Willow bark. Both cost $2 per dozen tablets (one to three tablets make one dose, lasting 4-8 hours).   Duration: 4-8 hours
Form: Pills
Cost: $2/$3
Recipe: $50; 1 hour; defaults to Herb Lore-1  


Used for constipation, this powerful little laxative is named after the cactus it is derived from. It is dried into a nearly rigid gel and used as a suppository, and it always works. It sells for $4 per 8 oz (8 doses).   Duration: Permanent
Form: Suppository
Cost: $4/$6
Recipe: $100; 8 hours; defaults to Herb Lore-2  


Used for hay fever, allergies, asthma, and "stuffy noses", and takes the form of a smoky flavored tea. It comes from a leafy, tobacco-looking plant. It costs $20 per dry oz, which fills about two cups (and is equal to about 20 doses).   Duration: 8-12 hours
Form: Tea
Cost: $20/$30
Recipe: $150; 1 hour; defaults to Herb Lore-1  

Zan Zan

Used for sunstroke, dehydration, etc., this desert herb is chewed like fibrous gum. It costs $70 per jar, which is usually packaged in small jars of four leaves (doses) each.   Duration: 2-4 hours
Form: Chewable leaves
Cost: $70/$100
Recipe: $100; 1 hour; defaults to Herb Lore-1

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